Man pages for alexploner/R.HDSS
Process HDSS demographic data from the INDEPTH project

filterHDSSFilter out valid observations in an HDSS data set
getPatternsExtract patterns of events over time
getTransitionsExtract transitions between events
INDEPTH_eventCodesEvent codes for HDSS data file
INDEPTH_EventSeqPermissible event sequences for HDSS data
INDEPTH_verbalAutopsyVerbal autopsy codes
preprocHDSSPre-process raw HDSS data
readRawHDSSRead raw HDSS data
recTest-classOutput from a record test
recTest-functionsWorking with record test results
recTests-genericTools for checking records in a data frame
recTests-HDSSCheck pre-processed HDSS data
R.HDSSProcess HDSS demographic data from the INDEPTH project
standardize-HDSS-varStandardize raw HDSS variable
summarize-HDSSSummarize a pre-processed HDSS data set
summary.HDSSdataSummary of pre-processed HDSS data
varTests-genericTools for checking variables in a data frame
varTests-HDSSCheck raw HDSS data
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