Man pages for amkusmec/FarmCPUpp
Perform GWAS Using the FarmCPU Model

bin_remlEvaluate the maximum log-likelihood.
farmcpuPerform GWAS using the FarmCPU model.
FarmCPUppA package for efficient GWAS using the FarmCPU model.
get_binsBin markers and select representative markers based on...
get_qtnsSelect pseudo-QTNs.
manhattan_plotMake a manhattan plot from GWAS results.
priorSet marker p-values based on prior expectations.
qq_plotMake a QQ plot from GWAS results.
quick_lmPerform single marker regression tests.
QuickLMParallelized general linear model.
remove_qtnsRemove highly correlated pseudo-QTNs.
substitute_pvalueSubstitute p-values for pseudo-QTNs.
write_resultsWrite GWAS results to disk.
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