Man pages for andreaskapou/scMET
Bayesian modelling of cell-to-cell DNA methylation heterogeneity

bb_mleBeta binomial maximum likelihood estimation (BB MLE)
create_design_matrixCreate design matrix
sce_to_scmetConvert from SingleCellExperiment to scmet object
scmetPerform inference with scMET
scmet_diff_dtSynthetic methylation data from two groups of cells
scmet_differentialDifferential testing using scMET
scmet_dtSynthetic methylation data from a single population
scmet_hvf_lvfDetect highly (or lowly) variable features with scMET
scMET-package'scMET': Bayesian modelling of DNA methylation at single-cell...
scmet_plot_efdr_efnr_gridPlot EFDR/EFNR grid
scmet_plot_estimated_vs_truePlot true versus inferred parameter estimated.
scmet_plot_maMA plot for differential analysis
scmet_plot_mean_varPlotting mean-variability relationship
scmet_plot_vf_tail_probPlot tail probabilities for variable feature analysis
scmet_plot_volcanoVolcano plot for differential analysis
scmet_simulateSimulate methylation data from scMET.
scmet_simulate_diffSimulate differential methylation data from scMET.
scmet_to_sceConvert from scmet to SingleCellExperiment object.
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