Man pages for andrewhooker/PopED
Population (and Individual) Optimal Experimental Design

a_line_searchOptimize using line search
bfgsb_minNonlinear minimization using BFGS with box constraints
blockexpSummarize your experiment for optimization routines
blockfinalResult function for optimization routines
blockheaderHeader function for optimization routines
blockoptSummarize your optimization settings for optimization...
calc_autofocusCompute the autofocus portion of the stochastic gradient...
calc_ofv_and_fimCalculate the Fisher Information Matrix (FIM) and the...
calc_ofv_and_gradCompute an objective function and gradient
cellCreate a cell array (a matrix of lists)
convert_variablesCreate global variables in the PopED database
create_designCreate design variables for a full description of a design.
create_design_spaceCreate design variables and a design space for a full...
create.poped.databaseCreate a PopED database
design_summaryDisplay a summary of output from poped_db
diag_matlabFunction written to match MATLAB's diag function
DoptimD-family optimization function
downsizing_general_designDownsize a general design to a specific design
DtraceTrace optimization routines
ed_laplace_ofvEvaluate the expectation of determinant the Fisher...
ed_mftotEvaluate the expectation of the Fisher Information Matrix...
efficiencyCompute efficiency.
evaluate_designEvaluate a design
evaluate.e.ofv.fimEvaluate the expectation of the Fisher Information Matrix...
evaluate.fimEvaluate the Fisher Information Matrix (FIM)
evaluate_powerPower of a design to estimate a parameter.
extract_norm_group_fimExtract a normalized group FIM
feps.addRUV model: Additive .
feps.add.propRUV model: Additive and Proportional.
feps.propRUV model: Proportional.
fevalMATLAB feval function model: one-compartment, oral absorption, multiple... model: one-compartment, oral absorption, multiple... model: one-compartment, oral absorption, single... model: one-compartment, oral absorption, single... model: one-compartment, oral absorption, multiple... model: one-compartment, single bolus IV dose,...
filepartsMATLAB fileparts function
get_all_paramsExtract all model parameters from the PopED database.
getfulldCreate a full D (between subject variability) matrix given a...
get_rseCompute the expected parameter relative standard errors
getTruncatedNormalGenerate a random sample from a truncated normal...
get_unfixed_paramsReturn all the unfixed parameters
gradf_epsModel linearization with respect to epsilon.
invCompute the inverse of a matrix
isemptyFunction written to match MATLAB's isempty function
LEDoptimOptimization function for D-family, E-family and Laplace...
LinMatrixHModel linearization with respect to epsilon.
LinMatrixLThe linearized matrix L
LinMatrixLHModel linearization with respect to epsilon and eta.
LinMatrixL_occModel linearization with respect to occasion variability...
log_prior_pdfCompute the natural log of the PDF for the parameters in an...
mc_meanCompute the monte-carlo mean of a function
median_hilow_popedWrap summary functions from Hmisc and ggplot to work with...
mf3The Fisher Information Matrix (FIM) for one individual
mf7The full Fisher Information Matrix (FIM) for one individual...
mfeaModified Fedorov Exchange Algorithm
mftotEvaluate the Fisher Information Matrix (FIM)
model_predictionModel predictions
ofv_criterionNormalize an objective function by the size of the FIM matrix
ofv_fimEvaluate a criterion of the Fisher Information Matrix (FIM)
onesCreate a matrix of ones
optim_ARSOptimize a function using adaptive random search.
optim_LSOptimize a function using a line search algorithm.
pargenParameter simulation
plot_efficiency_of_windowsPlot the efficiency of windows
plot_model_predictionPlot model predictions
PopEDPopED - *Pop*ulation (and individual) optimal *E*xperimental...
poped.chooseChoose between 'arg1' and 'arg2'
poped_guiRun the graphical interface for PopED
poped_optimOptimize a design defined in a PopED database
poped_optim_1Optimization main module for PopED Optimize the objective...
poped_optim_2Optimization main module for PopED
poped_optim_3Optimization main module for PopED
poped_optimizeRetired optimization module for PopED
randFunction written to match MATLAB's rand function
randnFunction written to match MATLAB's randn function
RS_optOptimize the objective function using an adaptive random...
shrinkagePredict shrinkage of empirical Bayes estimates (EBEs) in a...
sizeFunction written to match MATLAB's size function
start_parallelStart parallel computational processes
summary.poped_optimDisplay a summary of output from poped_optim
test_mat_sizeTest to make sure that matricies are the right size
ticTimer function (as in MATLAB)
tocTimer function (as in MATLAB)
zerosCreate a matrix of zeros.
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