Man pages for antiphon/sphere
Some functions for handling 3D point cloud data and ellipsoids.

ai2llazi-inc to lat lon
ai2xyz(azi,incl) to 3d coordinates
antipodeantipode lat and lon
azi2lonazimuth to longitude
aziinc2rotationMatrixRotation using azimuth-inclination.
dist.planedistance on the plane
dist.spheredistance on the surface of a sphere
Euler2quaternionEuler axis/angle to quaternion
Euler2rotationMatrixEuler axis-angle to Rotation matrix
EulerAngles2quaternionEuler angles to quaternions
EulerAngles2rotationMatrixEuler angles to Rotation matrix
inc2latinclination to latitude
intensity.sphereintensity on a sphere
lat2inclatitude to inclination
ll2ailatlon to aziinc
ll2xyzlatlon to 3d coordinates
lon2azilongitude to azimuth
plane.smoothsmooth using gaussian regression on a 2d plane
plot.spheresmoothplot the 3d sphere of predictions
quaternion2EulerQuaternion to Euler axis/angle
quaternion2EulerAnglesQuaternion to Euler angles
quaternion2rotationMatrixQuaternion to rotation matrix
rotationMatrixProduct of elementary rotation matrices
rotationMatrix2EulerRotation matrix (prop or improp) to Euler axis-angle
rotationMatrix2EulerAnglesRotation matrix to Euler angles
rotationMatrix2quaternionRotation matrix to quaternion
runifcircleSample unit circle uniformly
runifsphereSample unit sphere uniformly
sphere.gridgenerate grids on sphere
sphere.predictPredict on sphere using gaussian regression (Kriging)
sphere.smoothSmoothed unit sphere values
unit.vecsspherical unit vectors in xyz
values2colorsvalues to colors
xyz2aixyz to azi inc
xyz2globeOLD for plotting on the globe, we need to trasform as the...
xyz2llxyz to lat lon
xyzrotaterotate xyz coordinates
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