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Atom Probe Tomography Analysis

anomF3estPerfrom anomaly F3est on a 'pp3' object.
anomG3estPerfrom anomaly G3est on a 'pp3' object.
anomK3estPerfrom anomaly K3est on a 'pp3' object.
anomlocalK3estPerform localK3est with 50th percentile of a RRL subtracted...
argmaxFind the peaks of a finite data set using smoothing.
bcc.genGenerate body centerd cubic (BCC) lattice of points in 3D.
bdist.points3Extension of 'bdist.points'. Helper function for border...
bdist.points3.multiReturns the shortest distances to boundaries in the x, y, and...
bK3est3D Border correction for K3est
crAdjustHelper for 'makecluster' for 'type' = "cr" and 'fast' = FALSE
crAdjust.newHelper for 'makecluster' for 'type' = "cr" and 'fast' = TRUE
createDetCreate a 'ppp' from an ATO.
createSpatCreate a 'pp3' object from a POS or ATO data frame.
createSpecCreate a 'MassSpectrum' from a POS or ATO data frame.
createTOFCreate a TOF spectrum from an ATO data frame
detectorGIFCreate a GIF that steps through detector hits.
envPlotPlot envelopes of K3est test
findClusters.pp3Finds clusters by NN adjacency marks.
finite_derivFind the numerical derivative of a finite set of points.
hcpclusterGenerate spherical clusters with hexagonal close packed...
hcp.genHelper for 'hcpcluster' which generates a HCP lattice with...
indexMultiplesReturns a list of indicies where the position in the list is...
intensity.pp3Extends 'intensity' to 'pp3'.
isoLabelLabel a prettyPlot with isotope patterns
k3metricsExtract metrics from 3D K function output
kseriesSimulate a clustered point pattern and extract the K-function...
kseries2Helper function to allow for parallelization of metric...
latticeCreates a spatial region filled with lattice points of the...
latticeVectorsTransform a matrix of integer indices to spatial coordinates...
local.den.engineFind the local intensity density estimate based on nearest...
local.den.onevolHelper for 'local.den.engine'.
localk3engineWrapper function for the C code under 'localK3est'.
localK3estExtends 'localK' to 3D.
localk3metricsExtract variance of R_max over local K functions from a point...
makeclusterSimulate point clustering in an RCP matrix
marktable.pp3Extends 'marktable' to 'pp3'.
multiplesProvides a vector of multiplicity orders; this may be...
nmersCreates an n-mer point pattern by selecting the n+1 nearest...
nncrossden.pp3Similar to 'nndensity.pp3', but specifically for marked...
nndensity.pp3Extension of 'nndensity' to handle pp3 objects.
paraOrthoXInternal function used by 'paraOrthoRec'.
paraOrthoYInternal function used by 'paraOrthoRec'.
paraRecReconstruction using a parabolic tip shape assumption.
percentSelectRandomly select a percent of the points in a 'pp3' object.
pF3estPerform F3est on random relabelings in parallel
pG3estPerform G3est on random relabelings in parallel
pK3estPerform K3est on random relabelings in parallel
plot3d.pp3Plot a 'pp3' in a manipulatable 3D plot.
polyCurveShade regions under a 'MassSpectrum'.
prettyPlotPlot a pretty 'MassSpectrum'.
quadratcount.pp3Extension of 'quadratcount' to 'pp3' objects.
randomInsertHelper for 'makecluster' to insert random cluster points
randomTakeAwayHelper for 'makecluster' to take away random cluster points
rangeCountCount the hits within a mass range
rangePOSExtract hits within a given mass range.
readATORead an ATO file.
readPOSRead a POS file.
read.rcpRead in an RCP simulation.
readResultRead a TAPSim results file
readRRNGRead an RRNG file (from IVAS) into a dataframe
resultToDetConvert a TAPSim results file to a detector point pattern
resultToPOSConvert a TAPSim results file to a POS
rgblurHelper for 'makecluster' to 3D gaussian blur cluster...
rjitter3Extends the 'rjitter' to 'pp3'.
rngCountCount the number of hits for each entry within a 'RNG' object
rngPOSExtract hits according to a RNG and create a new pos
rownames.pp3Extends 'rownames' to 'pp3'.
rpoint3Extends 'rpoint' to 'pp3'.
rPoissonCluster3Extends 'rPoissonCluster' to 'pp3'.
sample.pp3Extends 'sample' to handle 'pp3'.
sample.pppExtends 'sample' to handle 'ppp'.
saxeyPlotCreates a 2D correlation histogram of mass spectra and,...
scaleRCPScale RCP data to a desired radius
shift.pp3Extends 'shift' to 'pp3'.
sphereRecReconstruction using the sphere on cone method
splitpp3Helper for 'makecluster' that splits a 'pp3' into two.
stitch.sizeStitches together a RCP point pattern with periodic boundary...
studpermu.pp3Extends split to pp3 Extends studpermu.test to pp3
subSampleHelper for 'makecluster' to cut 'pp3' object to size.
subSquareSelect a subsection from the center of a 'pp3' data file.
superimpose.pp3Extends 'superimpose' to 'pp3'.
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