Man pages for arnederoeck/NanoSatelliteR
QC, plotting, and clustering of tandem repeat segmentation created by NanoSatellite.

clusters_per_readObtain a series of tandem repeat unit clusters per sequencing...
extract_centroidsExtract tandem repeat unit squiggle centroids.
heatmap_customCustom heatmap function
load_squigglesLoads raw squiggle data generated by Signal2chunk.R
load_summaryLoads summary files generated by Signal2chunk.R
ns_heatmapCreate a heatmap from clustered tandem repeat squiggles.
plot_lengthsWrapper function to plot tandem repeat lengths for multiple...
qual_readsWrapper function to filter sequencing reads based on distance...
summary_qcQuality control of NanoSatellite delineation and segmentation
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