write.TSD_modifyd000: When 'x' is given with variables in a dissimilar order than...

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When 'x' is given with variables in a dissimilar order than an existing file to which the data should be appended, modifyd000() alters the dimension information to match the existing file.


write.TSD_modifyd000(y, lablPresent)



is a vector of dimension information stored as c(narrays_1, ndims_1, indx_1, dims_1, narrays_2, ndims_2, indx_2, dims_2, ... , narrays_numt, ndims_numt, indx_numt, dims_numt), where 'narrays_p' is the number of variables at time step 'p' that have dimension (vectors are not regarded av having dimension, corresponding to the dim() function), 'ndims_p' is the number of dimensions for each variable at time step 'p', 'indx_p' is the indices for the variables that posess dimension at time step 'p', and 'dims_p' are the dimension values for the variables indexed by 'indx_p' at time step 'p'..


is a vector of the labels present in the existing file.

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