Man pages for ashiklom/edr-da
ED2 RTM testing functions

apply_filter_specfileApply single filter to spectra HDF5 data file
combine_logicalCombine two logical vectors
exec_in_dirExecute a system command in a directory
extend_dfExtend a one-row data.frame with more elements
filter_specfileExtract spectral data from HDF5 file based on criteria
generate_runPrepare ED run inputs in a single location
get_edvarRetrieve variable from ED history file
get_pftsExtract PFTs from css file
param_subSubset parameters for ith PFT
pft_lookupED PFT lookup table
ribbonRibbon plot
run_edRun ED from a given directory
run_edrRun EDR in the current directory
run_pda_edrRun EDR parameter data assimilation
run_simulation_edrRun EDR simulation
run_simulation_sailRun SAIL simulation
sample_params_edrDraw parameters for EDR simulation
sample_params_priorDraw parameters from prior
sample_params_sailDraw a random sample of PRO4SAIL parameters
setup_edrSetup EDR directory
setup_fftPrepare an FFT plot for testing
spec_ciDraw spectra confidence interval
vec2listConvert EDR parameter vector to EDR input list
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