Man pages for atbroman/neqtl
Tools for analyzing expression QTL by position on genome

fake.annotSimulated annotation for fake.f2expr cross
fake.f2exprSimulated expression traits for F2 intercross
findpeaksLocates positions of high numbers of eQTL
findpeaks.traitsList Traits with QTLs at genomic positions
hc.ordOrder traits by similarity of LOD scores
image.scanoneHeatmap of scanone object
maxlodMaximum LOD score and Position
maxlod.sigposPositions of Maximum LOD scores above a Threshold
neqtlSmoothed count of traits mapping to positions across genome
nullsimsNull distribution for Maximum LOD score
peaksProximity of Maximum LOD position to Transcript Location
plotpeaksPlot position of trait vs. position of QTL
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