process_tls: Process single PCL transects.

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process_tls imports and processes a slice from a voxelated TLS scan.


process_tls(f, slice, pavd = FALSE, hist = FALSE)



the name of the filename to input <character> or a data frame <data frame>.


the number of the transect to use from xyz tls data


logical input to include Plant Area Volume Density Plot from plot_pavd, if TRUE it is included, if FALSE, it is not.


logical input to include histogram of VAI with PAVD plot, if TRUE it is included, if FALSE, it is not.


This function takes as input a four column .CSV file or data frame of x, y, z, and VAI (Vegetation Area Index) derived from 3-D (TLS) LiDAR data. Currently, this function only analyzes a single slice from the inputed TLS data set. VAI is calculated externally by the user using user-determined methodology.

The process_tls function will write multiple output files to disk in an (output) directory that process_tls creates within the work directing. These files include:

1. an output variables file that contains a list of CSC variables and is written by the subfunction write_pcl_to_csv

2. a summary matrix, that includes detailed information on each vertical column of Lidar data written by the subfunction write_summary_matrix_to_csv

3. a hit matrix, which is a matrix of VAI at each x and z position, written by the subfunction write_hit_matrix_to_pcl

4. a hit grid, which is a graphical representation of VAI along the x and z coordinate space. 5. optionally, plant area/volume density profiles can be created by including pavd = TRUE that include an additional histogram with the optional hist = TRUE in the process_pcl call.


writes the hit matrix, summary matrix, and output variables to csv in an output folder, along with hit grid plot

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# with designated file
uva.tls<- system.file("extdata", "UVAX_A4_01_tls.csv", package = "forestr")

process_tls(uva.tls, slice = 5, pavd = FALSE, hist = FALSE)

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