Defines functions export_personnel

Documented in export_personnel

#' @title Connect to metabase and query for personnel list.
#' @description Connect to instance of LTER-core-metabase and query for personnel list with years associated (BLE LTER Core Program data package requirement).
#' @param dbname (character) name of database. Defaults to "ble_metabase".
#' @param schema (character) name of schema containing views. Defaults to 'pkg_mgmt'.
#' @param dataset_ids (numeric) Number or numeric vector of dataset IDs to query.
#' @param host (character) host name or IP address. Defaults to 'localhost'.
#' @param port (numeric) port number. Defaults to 5432.
#' @param user (character) (optional) username to use in connecting to database. Use to save time. If not supplied, the R console will prompt you to enter a username.
#' @param password (character) (optional) password to user. Use to save time. If not supplied, the R console will prompt you to enter a password.
#' @param write_to_file (logical) Whether to write to file. Defaults to TRUE. File name will have format "BLE_CP_<dataset ID>_personnel.csv".
#' @param file_dir (character) Full path of directory to write file to. Defaults to current working directory.
#' @return (data.frame) A data frame of personnel associated with specified dataset IDs as queried from metabase.
#' @import RPostgres
#' @export

export_personnel <-
  function(dbname = "ble_metabase",
           schema = "pkg_mgmt",
           host = "localhost",
           port = 5432,
           user = NULL,
           password = NULL,
           write_to_file = TRUE,
           file_dir = getwd()) {
    driver <- RPostgres::Postgres()
    con <- dbConnect(
      drv = driver,
      dbname = dbname,
      host = host,
      port = port,
      user = if (is.null(user))
        readline(prompt = "Enter database username: ")
      password = if (is.null(password))
        readline(prompt = "Enter database password: ")
    view_to_query <-
      paste0(schema, ".", "personnel_years_associated")
    query <-
      paste("SELECT * FROM", view_to_query, "WHERE datasetid = $1")
    result <- RPostgres::dbSendQuery(conn = con, query)
    RPostgres::dbBind(result, list(dataset_ids))
    query_df <- RPostgres::dbFetch(result)

    query_df[["datasetid"]] <- paste0("knb-lter-ble.", query_df[["datasetid"]])
    query_df[is.na(query_df[["middlename"]]), "middlename"] <- ""
    if (write_to_file) {
      write.csv(query_df, file = file.path(file_dir, paste0("BLE_LTER_", paste0(dataset_ids, collapse = "_"), "_personnel.csv")), row.names = FALSE)
    message("You might want to erase command history, since user password to your database was given.")
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