Man pages for atredennick/community_synchrony
Calculates syunchrony and stability metrics from time series data

community_synchrony-packageRuns IPMs and other analysis for project on species synchrony...
estimate_crowdingEstimate growth crowding effects on focal species
fDefine fecundity function
format_growth_paramsImport and format growth parameters for IPM
format_recruitment_paramsImport and format recruitment parameters for IPM
format_survival_paramsImport and format survival parameters for IPM
GDefine growth kernel function for IPM
get_comm_synchronyCalculate synchrony and stability from genet-level time...
get_growth_paramsEstimate growth regression coefficients using INLA
get_ipm_synchronyCalculate synchrony and stability from IPM time series
get_rpaDefine number of recruits per area function.
get_survival_paramsEstimate survival regression coefficients using INLA
recruit_mcmcEstimate recruitment regression coefficients using MCMC
run_ipmRun multi-species Integral Projection Model
SDefine survival kernel function for IPM
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