Man pages for b2slab/FELLA
Interpretation and enrichment for metabolomics data

checkArgumentsInternal function to check arguments and give personalised...
data-funsParse, build and load the KEGG knowledge model
D.diffusionAn internal S4 class for the diffusion data
D.hypergeomAn internal S4 class for the binary matrix (hypergeometric...
D.keggdataAn internal S4 class to represent the KEGG graph and related...
dot-paramsDummy function with function arguments
D.pagerankAn internal S4 class for the PageRank data
enrich-funsFunctions to map and enrich a list of metabolites
export-funsGenerate and manipulate tables and sub-networks from an...
FELLAThe FELLA package
FELLA.DATAAn S4 class to represent all the necessary KEGG data
FELLA.sampleFELLA.DATA sample data
FELLA.USERAn S4 class to save all the user analysis data
getBackgroundGet compounds in the defined background
getComGet community
getExcludedGet excluded compounds
getGraphGet KEGG graph
getInfoGet KEGG version info
getInputGet metabolites in the input
getMatrixGet matrix for the desired methodology
getNameMap KEGG identifiers to KEGG names
getPscoresGet p-scores from the desired methodology
getPvaluesSizeGet matrix for the p-value regarding CC size
getStatusGet the slot "status"
getSumsGet rowSums/squaredRowSums
getValidGet the slot "valid"
infere.con2ecInfer connections to EC
input.sampleA randomly generated list of affected metabolites
largestccExtract largest CC
launchAppLaunch a shiny app with FELLA
listApproxList of approximations
listCategoriesList of node categories
listInternalDatabasesList internal databases
listMethodsList of methods
mytriangleAdd triangular shape to igraph plot
plotBipartiteInternal function to plot a bipartite graph
plotLegendInternal function to add a legend to a graph plot
sanitiseID sanitiser function
U.diffusionAn internal S4 class for the user data of the diffusion...
U.hypergeomAn internal S4 class for the user data of the hypergeometric...
U.pagerankAn internal S4 class for the user data of the PageRank...
U.userinputAn internal S4 class for the user input data
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