Man pages for bahlolab/XIBD
Identical By Descent Analysis

calculateAlleleFreqXIBD Calculate Population Allele Frequencies
example_pedmapSimulated IBD Data for Example
example_reference_ldReference Linkage Disequilibrium Data for Example
example_reference_pedmapSubset of Reference Data for Example
getGenotypesXIBD Pre-Analysis Data Processing
getIBDparametersXIBD Parameter Estimation
getIBDsegmentsXIBDs IBD Segment Detection
getIdentityCoefIdentity Coefficients
getLocusMatrixXIBD Binary IBD Matrix
getLocusProportionXIBD Proportion of Pairs IBD
hapmap_topbotReference Topbot Data
plotIBDproportionsXIBD Locus Proportion Plot
plotIBDsegmentsXIBD Plot IBD Segments
reference_ldReference Linkage Disequilibrium Data
reference_pedmapSubset of Reference Data
reference_topbotReference TOPBOT Data
switchBOTgenotypesXIBD BOT Genotype Switching
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