Man pages for bahlolab/XIBD
Identity-by-Descent Analysis of the Human Genome

calculateAlleleFreqXIBD Calculate Population Allele Frequencies
example_genotypesFiltered Genotypes For The Simulated Data
example_hapmap_topbotExample Topbot Data
example_ibdIBD Segments For The Simulated Data
example_parametersIBD Parameter Estimates For Simulated Data
example_pedmapSimulated IBD Data for Example
example_reference_ldReference Linkage Disequilibrium Data for Example
example_reference_pedmapSubset of Reference Data for Example
getColourPaletteMajorInternal Function
getColourPaletteMinorGenerate a specified number of shades of a given colour.
getConditionSNPInternal Function
getGenotypesXIBD Pre-Analysis Data Processing
getHaplotypeFreqCalculates haplotype frequencies between two SNPs using cpp...
getIBDparametersXIBD Parameter Estimation
getIBDsegmentsXIBDs IBD Segment Detection
getIdentityCoefIdentity Coefficients
getLocusMatrixXIBD Binary IBD Matrix
getLocusProportionXIBD Proportion of Pairs IBD
plotIBDproportionsXIBD Locus Proportion Plot
plotIBDsegmentsXIBD Plot IBD Segments
switchBOTgenotypesXIBD BOT Genotype Switching
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