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R Analysis and Visualization of ECOG/iEEG Data

actionButtonStyledRe-write shint actionButton to enable styles
afni_toolsRead from AFNIio.R, return an environment wrapper for all...
align_indexFor each element e1 ind1, find next element e2 in ind2 with...
are_sameCheck a and b are same
arrange_data_dirInitialize data repository
arrange_modulesUpdate (optional), and check validity of modules
asJSON.SubjectConver subject to JSON format
as_printableFunction to make an environment printable
asyncAsync function to execute code (depricated)
async_startStart async process (deprecated)
async_varGet x or default
attachDefaultDataRepositoryAttach subject data
baselineBaseline signals
beautifyI forget the usage but it's related to converting something...
bulk_waveletBulk run wavelet (deprecated)
cacheCache object
cache_inputCache input values
cache_raw_voltageImport subject matlab file and create H5 files
check_data_repoCheck if default data environment has object
check_subjectscheck subject validity tools (use check_subjects2)
check_subjects2check subject validity tools
check_updatesCheck dependencies and update them at start up (Highly...
clear_cacheClear cache
clear_envFunction to clear all elements within environment
compoundInputCustomized input just designed for RAVE to include multiple...
copy_envCopy objects from one environment to another
dashboardControlShiny dashboard-adminLTE overrides
dashboardHeaderShiny dashboard-adminLTE overrides - dashboardHeader
dashboardPageShiny dashboard-adminLTE overrides - dashboardPage
debug_moduleFunction for module writers to debug modules
decimate_firDecimate signal via FIR1 filter
diagnose_signalSignal Inspection Plots
do_nothingLiterally does nothing
download_sample_dataFunction to download demo data to data repository
download_subject_dataFunction to download
dropInvalidSimilar to dropNulls
dropNullsDrop nulls within lists/vectors
ECoGRepositoryR6 class for ECoG data Repository
ECoGTensorECoG Tensor class inherit from Tensor
ElectrodeR6 class of electrode
eval_dirtyEvaluate expressions
eval_withinEvaluate function as if it's run within another environment
ExecEnvirModule runtime environment (session based)
export_diagnose_voltageExport voltage diagnostics for electrodes
fake_sessioninternally used to cheat RAVE
fprintfFormat Print Strings
freesurfer_meshFunction to parse SUMA spec file and generate threejsr free...
get_async_resultGet async process result (deprecated)
get_colorFunction to get color without errors
getDefaultDataRepositoryGet environment where subject data is loaded
getDefaultReactiveDomainWrapper for shiny::getDefaultReactiveDomain
get_dirGet all directories that rave uses
get_fake_updated_messageinternally used for debugging functions
get_mem_usageGet RAM usage
get_peopleGet people who uses this app
get_projectsFind all available projects
get_resultsGet future objects result
get_subjectsGet all subjects within project
get_valGet value, if value is invalid, then assign value
grapes-and-grapesConcatenate two strings
grapes-help-set-grapesAssign if not exists, or NULL
hanningHanning window
has.classCheck object has classes
init_appInitialize main application
is.blankCheck if an object is blank string ""
is_invalidCheck if value(s) is invalid
is_validCheck if object is invalid
is_withinCheck if value is within a data range
lapply_asynclapply using future package (async)
lapply_exprApply each element under "with" clause
last_entryObtain last saved value - disk cache
LazyFSTR6 class to load fst files
LazyH5File IO: HDF5 file wrapper
load_fst_or_h5Function try to load FST file cache, if not found, read HDF5...
load_h5Lazy load HDF5 file via hdf5r package
load_metaLoad subject meta data
loggerColor console for RAVE
lsInternal use to fast-list all elements in an environment
MapR6 implementation of hashMap (internal use)
mem_limitGet max RAM size (experimental)
module_analysis_namesFind module analysis names
module_analysis_saveSave analysis to look up tables
module_analysis_tableGet subject exported analysis table
ModuleEnvirModule class
MVCAdapterA special type of Map
notch_channelFilter line noise out from ECoG channels
notch_filterNotch filter
OptionsInternal R6 class for rave-options
plot_signalsPlot signals line by line
pre_epoch3Preprocess module - epoch
pre_import_matlabmport raw voltage signals from matlab file
pre_load_settingsDeprecated this function was designed for version A,B,C
print.rave_printableOverride print method for printable environment
progressA wrapper for shiny Progress object
pwelchWelch Periodogram
py_consoleLaunch python console within R
RaveBrainClass for Brain Mesh/Electrodes
rave_checksCheck if data is loaded for current module
rave_deparseConvert object to strings
RAVEHistoryR6 class for small object caching
rave_ignoreFunctions for dev use
rave_lapplyAsync way to lapply with no block
rave_life_cycle_generalRAVE development cycle - General
rave_life_cycle_pythonRAVE development cycle - Python Support
rave_life_cycle_signalRAVE development cycle - Signal Processing
rave_life_cycle_utilRAVE development cycle - Utils
rave_module_toolsTools for module writers
rave_optionsFunction to change rave-options
rave_pre_notch3Preprocess Module - Notch filter
rave_pre_overview3Preprocess Module - Overview
rave_prepareFunction to load subject and create ECoG data environment
rave_pre_postref3Preprocess Module - post-reference (deprecated)
rave_preprocessRAVE Preprocess Function
rave_pre_ref3Preprocess Module - Reference (Deprecated)
rave_pre_wavelet3Preprocess Module - Wavelet
rave_setupDefault setup for rave, mainly create forked sub-processes
read_mgridMake SUMA grid (I do not know what's this, John wrote it)
r_to_py.SubjectConver subject to python object
r_to_py.TensorConvert tensor to python objects
safe_env_sizeGet environment size (deprecated)
safe_str_cConvert to string and never goes wrong
safe_write_csvSave data to csv, if file exists, rename old file
save_h5Save objects to H5 file without trivial checkings
save_metaFunction to save meta data to subject
save_optionsFunction to locally save options (deprecated)
shinirizeConvert module to objects used in shiny
shiny_data_selectorShiny modal to be used by init_app for data selection
SubjectSubject class
SubjectInfo2Definition of subject information
subject_tmpfileCreate temp file in subject module folder
suma_spec_parseParse spec file
suma_surface_volume_parseParse surface volumn file header
TensorWrapper class for tensor arrays
test_hdspeedFunction to test local disk speed
to_datauriConvert file to base64 format
to_ram_sizeConvert bytes to KB, MB, GB,...
trim_envRemove large objects within environment
try_normalizePathTry to find absolute path without error
ui_register_functionInternally register function to shiny (to be deprecated)
updateCompoundInputFunction to update cmpoundInput (broken)
updatePackageVersionInternally use to auto update RAVE package version DO NOT use...
waveletWavelet Transformation With Phase
wavelet_kernelsReturns wavelets to be used for wavelet function
with_fake_sessioninternally used for debugging functions (reactive)
zero_lengthCalculate if length of input(s) is zero
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