Man pages for benliemory/Methylphet
Base-resolution methylation patterns accurately predict transcription factor bindings in vivo

goldstandard.chr10OCT4 mES Golden Standard(chromosome 10)
H1data.CpG.chr10OCT4 H1 CpG Methylation(chromosome 10)
H1data.CpH.chr10OCT4 H1 CpH Methylation(chromosome 10)
H1data.motif.chr10OCT4 hg18 candidate location and motif score(chromosome 10)
mESdata.CpG.chr10OCT4 mESC CpG Methylation(chromosome 10)
mESdata.CpH.chr10OCT4 mES CpH Methylation(chromosome 10)
mESdata.motif.chr10OCT4 mm9 candidate location and motif score(chromosome 10)
Methylphet-packageBase-resolution methylation patterns accurately predict...
OtherGenomicFeatures.H1.chr10Other Genomic Features on H1-hESC cell line(chromosome 10)
OtherGenomicFeatures.mES.chr10Other Genomic Features
peak.GR.ES.chr10OCT4 mESC ChIP-seq Peaks
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