Man pages for bergsmat/partab
Make a Parameter Table from NONMEM Output

as.bestConvert to Best of Numeric or Character
as.bootstrapCreate a Bootstrap Table
as.character.initCoerce init to character
as.character.initListCoerce initList to character
as.character.nmctlCoerce NONMEM Control Object to character
as.csvRead or Write Standardized CSV Reads or writes CSV files in a...
as.csv.characterTreat Character as CSV a Data Frame as CSV
as.definitionsHarvest Model Item Definitions in Project Context
as.definitions.modelnameCreate Item Definitions from Model Name
as.docxCoerce to docx
as.fileCoerce to file
as.flextableCoerce to flextable
as.initCoerce to init
as.initListCoerce to initList
as.itemCommentsCoerce to itemComments
as.itemListConvert to itemList
as.itemList.characterConvert to itemList from Character
as.list.nmctlCoerce nmctl to list
as.nmctlCoerce to NONMEM Control Object
as.nmctlTypeExtract nmctl record type
as.partabCreate Model Parameter Table in Project Context
as.partab.modelnameCreate a Parameter Table from Model Name
as.xml_documentCreate an xml_document in a Project Context
cash-.initSelect init element
cash-set-.initSet init element
containsCheck Whether Text Contains Pattern
encloseEnclose in Arbitrary Characters
fixedCheck if something is fixed
fixed-setSet value of fixed attribute
fixed-set-.initSet fixed init value
fixed-set-.initListSet fixed attribute of initList
format.initFormat init
format.initListFormat initList
format.nmctlFormat nmctl
grapes-contains-grapesCheck Whether x contains y
is.definedCheck Whether elements are Defined.
ord.initListIdentify the order of an initList
ord.itemListIdentify the order of an itemList
paddedPad Numeric with Zeros
parensEnclose in Parentheses
poolCompare Sets
print.initPrint init
print.initListPrint initList
print.nmctlPrint nmctl
read.nmctlRead nmctl
sub-.initListSubset initList
sub-.nmctlSubset nmctl
sub-sub-.nmctlSelect nmctl Element
text2decimalConvert Text to Decimal
tweakTweak something
tweak.initTweak init
tweak.initListTweak initList
tweak.nmctlTweak nmctl
write.nmctlWrite nmctl
xpathEvaluate xpath Expression
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