Man pages for biips/rbiips
Bayesian Inference with Interacting Particle Systems

biips_modelCreate a biips model object described in BUGS language.
biips-objectManipulate biips model objects.
biips_pimh_initCreate a PIMH object.
biips_pmmh_initCreate PMMH objects
biips_smc_samplesRun a sequential Monte Carlo algorithm
biips_smc_sensitivitySensitivity analysis of parameters with SMC
clear_monitors.biipsClear monitors
data_preprocessPreprocess the data (list or env) to list.
extend-bugsAdd a custom R function or distribution to the BUGS language.
mcmcarray-objectObjects for representing MCMC output.
mklistMake a list using names
out_pimhSample output from 'biips_pimh_samples'
out_pmmhSample output from 'biips_pmmh_samples'
out_smcSample output from 'biips_smc_samples'
parse_varnameTry to parse string of form 'a' or 'a[n,p:q,r]' where 'a' is...
pimh-objectManipulate PIMH objects.
plot-methodsPlot methods.
pmmh-objectManipulate PMMH objects.
pmmh_one_updateRealize one step of the PMMH algorithm.
rbiips-packageBayesian inference with interacting particle systems
recAccess i-th element of x with recycling
smcarray-objectObjects for representing SMC output.
smc_forward_algo.biipsRun a forward SMC algorithm
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