Man pages for bletcher/linkedModels
Link movement, growth, and survival models

addNPassesGet pass data from raw data table
addSurvivalsAdd survival estimates from detection model by section,...
cleanDataClean data from the PIT tag database
crossValidateTurn observedLength values to NA for a percentage of the...
getCoreDataExtract data from the PIT tag database
getDensitiesGet (estimate) densities by section, river, year based on num...
getPredictionGenerate predictions from a set of iterations of a jags model...
getPredictionSigmaGenerate predictions of sigma the sd in growth from a set of...
getPropSampledGet propoortion of sections sampled by river,sample
getRMSEPlot observed/predicted and return RMSE
getSitesGet data from sites table
getYOYCutoffsGet cutoFFYoy data
helloHello, World!
mergeSitesMerge sites table
minimalDataShow minimal data
plotPredPlot predictions from a set of iterations of a jags model run
runDetectionModelRun the detection model
runGrowthModelRun the growth model using jags
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