Man pages for bowenwang7/r3
Realized Relatedness Estimation and Simulation

check.pedinfoCheck pedigree information.
fgl2ibdScore IBD state.
fgl2relatednessScore pairwise relatedness.
get.pedindexGet pedigree index.
grm.matrixGRM for multiple individuals
grm.pairGRM for a pair of individuals.
ibd.lengthScore IBD length.
ibd.markerScore IBD sharing at a list of marker positions.
ibd.proportionScore IBD proportion.
ibd.segmentScore IBD sharing by segment.
ld.weightsLD weights
populate.snpPopulate SNPs.
r3-packageRealized Relatedness Rtools
read.plink.binaryRead PLINK binary file.
read.plink.textRead PLINK text file.
recode.ibdRecode IBD sharing.
recode.snpdataRecode SNP marker data.
sim.haplotypeSimulate artificial haplotypes.
sim.recombSimulate inheritance on a given pedigree.
write.ibdhaploWrite IBDHAPLO
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