Man pages for bozenne/lava.penalty
Penalized Latent Variable Models

addLinkAdd a new link between two variables in a lvm
calcLambdaEstimate the regularization parameter
cancelPenaltyRemove penalty from a penalized latent variable model
checkDataCheck that validity of the dataset
clean.penaltySimplify a lvm object
coef0Extract Model Coefficients
cvCheckTest the sensibility of the lvm estimate to the...
dfNuclearCompute the degree of freedom for nuclear regularized...
EPSODEPerform the generic Path Algorithm for a LVM
estimatePenalized lvm model
extractCoefExtract the specific coefficient names or positions in a LVM
findNewLinkFind the new possible links between variables (copied from...
getIvar.lvmExtract the variables related to each parameter
getPathGet the regularization path
initGroup.lvmReshape information for building the V matrices
initializeIntialization functions for plvm models
initializeDataScale the dataset and convert categorical variables to...
initializeOperatorInitialise a proximal operator
initPenaltyInitialize penalty terms
kill.penaltyRemove penalty after removing a variable
lassoTestSignificance test for the lasso
lavaPenaltylavaPenalty: Regularization tools for latent variables models
lavaPenalty.estimate.hookHook to estimate a penalized lvm model
lavaPenalty.multigroup.hookHook to estimate a multigroup penalized lvm model
lavaPenalty.optionsSet global options for lavaPenalty
LCSseqCommon substring sequence
link2dummyConvert variable names to dummy variables names
loadingsExtract the summary table for the loadings
lvm2plvmConversion to a penalized latent variable model
onloadDefault Options for lavaPenalty
optim.EPSODERegularization path
optim.Nuisance.plvmEstimate nuisance parameter
optim.proxGradProximal gradient algorithm
p2jExtract the column index from a sparse matrix
penalizePenalize a latent variable model
penaltyExtractExtract the penalty from a lvm object
penaltyUpdateUpdate the penalty term
print.penalizeDisplay the content of a penalized object
proxGradProximal gradient algorithm
proximalOperatorsProximal operators
QboundEstimate an upper bound of obj.x
reduceAggregate exogeneous variables associated with penalties
renameFactorLink levels and coefficients
setLinkAffect a given value to a link between two variables in a lvm
simFormSpatial simulation
summary.cvlvmSummary function associated with cvCheck
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