Man pages for brentscott93/lasertrapr
Automating the Analysis of Laser Trap Data

add_labelsAdd many labels to a dygraph
add_shadesAdd many shaing areas to a dygraph
allow_ifAllow reactivity to continue in shiny if expression is TRUE
changepoint_analysisRuns changepoint analysis, estimates more accurate event...
defend_ifStops reactivity in shiny app if expression is TRUE
equipartitionEquipartition method for calibrating trap stiffness
fit_hm_modelConvenient wrapper to fit Hidden-Markov Model to single...
id_mini_eventsIdentify mini-ensemble events
lasertrapr_cloudShiny app for viewing lasertrapr data in the "cloud"
measure_hm_eventsMeasured events identified by HM-Model
mini_ensemble_analyzerMini Ensemble Analyzer
move_obsMove selected data to new obs
plot_cum_freq_curvesContruct Cumulative Frequency Curves
plot_overlayPlot trap data with ID'd events
push_project_to_lasertrapr_cloudUpload a project to be used with lasertrapr cloud
round_anyRound to any integer from...
run_appRun the Shiny Application
simple_uploadSimple Upload of laser trap data
simulate_single_molecule_trap_dataSimulate Single Molecule Trap Data
step_calPerforms Step Calibration of the Laser Trap
summarize_trap_dataSummarize trap project
time_off_ecdfTime Off ECDF
time_on_ecdfTime On ECDF
trim_obsDelete selected data from observation
update_to_optionsUpdate files to new options format
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