Man pages for brian-j-smith/ramps
Bayesian Geostatistical Modeling with RAMPS

corRCauchyCauchy Spatial Correlation Structure
corRClassesSpatial Correlation Structure Classes
corRExpExponential Spatial Correlation Structure
corRExp2Non-Separable Exponential Spatio-Temporal Correlation...
corRExpwrPowered Exponential Spatial Correlation Structure
corRExpwr2Non-Separable Powered Exponential Spatio-Temporal Correlation...
corRExpwr2DtNon-Separable Temporally Integrated Powered Exponential...
corRGausGaussian Spatial Correlation Structure
corRGneitGneiting Spatial Correlation Structure
corRLinLinear Spatial Correlation Structure
corRMaternMatern Spatial Correlation Structure
corRSpherSpherical Spatial Correlation Structure
corRWaveSine Wave Spatial Correlation Structure
DICDeviance Information Criterion
expand.chainExpand MCMC Samples for georamps Model Fits
genUSStateGridGenerating a Grid over a US State
genUSStateSitesGenerating Random Sites in a US State
georampsBayesian Geostatistical Model Fitting with RAMPS
NUREDataset of USGS NURE Uranium Measurements
paramInitialization of georamps Model Parameters
plotPosterior Spatial Distribution Plots
predict.rampsPrediction Method for georamps Model Fits
ramps.controlAuxiliary for Controlling georamps Model Fitting
simJSSDataset of Simulated Measurements from JSS Publication
summary.rampsPosterior Summaries of georamps Model Fits
windowSubsetting of MCMC Sampler Results
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