MouseHypothalamusMoffitt2018: MERFISH mouse hypothalamus dataset from Moffitt et al., 2018

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MERFISH mouse hypothalamus dataset from Moffitt et al., 2018


Obtain the MERFISH mouse hypothalamic preoptic region dataset from Moffitt et al., 2018


MouseHypothalamusMoffitt2018(center.coords = TRUE)



logical. Should spatial x- and y-coordinates be centered for each z-layer (bregma slice)? This is useful for making coordinates comparable between bregma slices for visualization and analysis. Defaults to TRUE. Use FALSE to obtain the coordinates as provided in the data release.


The hypothalamus controls essential social behaviors and homeostatic functions. However, the cellular architecture of hypothalamic nuclei, including the molecular identity, spatial organization, and function of distinct cell types, is not well understood.

Moffitt et al., 2018, developed an imaging-based cell type identification and mapping method and combined it with single-cell RNA-sequencing to create a molecularly annotated and spatially resolved cell atlas of the mouse hypothalamic preoptic region.


An object of class SpatialExperiment.



Moffitt et al. (2018) Molecular, spatial, and functional single-cell profiling of the hypothalamic preoptic region. Science, 362(6416), eaau5324.


spe <- MouseHypothalamusMoffitt2018()

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