Man pages for cdiener/tcgar
A small helper package for using data from the Genomic Data Commons

gdc_filesFile infos for the GDC release 9.0 from 11-2017
genemapGene annotations obatined from BioMart.
get_dataDownloads data from the Genomic Data Commons Portal.
list_filesObtains infromation about the files in GDC.
panel_samplesCounts samples per panel across several data sets.
read_clinicalReads clinical data from TCGA for multiple samples.
read_huexReads HuEx 1.0 st v2 exon expression data.
read_rnaseqReads Level 3 RNA sequencing data from GDC.
read_rnaseq_legacyReads RNA sequencing data from the GDC legacy archive.
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