tidyMultiAssay-package: Tidy data from PharmacoGx and MultiAssayExperiment objects

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The PharmacoGx and MultiAssayExperiment packages provide containers for datasets where more than one data type is available for a given sample. In the case of a MultiAssayExperiment object, this is only genomic data, whereas a PharmacoSet object contains both genomic and dose response data.

This package contains functions to subset, combine and reformat data from MultiAssayExperiment, PharmacoSet and also simple data frames. The output of these operations is a data frame in 'tidy' format which is appropriate for use in the 'tidyverse' suite of packages including ggplot2, dplyr, tidyr, and broom


To open the vignette type vignette("Overview")

If you want to see the package in action before deciding whether or not you want to install it, there WILL BE A YOUTUBE VID.


Phil Chapman <phil.chapman@cruk.manchester.ac.uk>

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