R6GenericTable: R6 class representing a generic table

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Within the object of R6 class RCGenericTable a table is represented by a header and a body. Tables can only be modified by adding new rows. The two methods to_knitr_kable and to_pander_pandoc write tables in markdown format using functions knitr::kable() and pander::pandoc.table()




An object of class R6ClassGenerator of length 24.


An object of R6 class R6GenericTable assumes that a table simply consists of a header and a body. The body is just a character vector where each component represents one column header. The body is a list which each element contains the data for one column. The R6 class components are represented by the fields sTableHeader and lTableBody. The initialisation method creates a table with an empty body. The table header field has a getter and a setter methods. The method addRow adds a new row at the end of the table.



vector of table headers


list of table body

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