deploy_website: Deploy a website from a source branch to a publication branch

Description Usage Arguments Details


deploy_website deploys a website that was created in some branch directory into some other branch from where it is published on the web via github pages. The need for this function comes from the fact that github project pages are published from the gh-pages branch and not from the master branch. But still we would like to develop the website on the master branch which gives us the possibility to test everyting without the need for immediate publication.


deploy_website(psFrom = "vignettes/index.Rmd", psToDir = NULL,
  pbKnitrKnit = FALSE, pbOverWrite = TRUE)



source file which is to be deployed, the source directory must exist, o/w, the function stops with an error


directory where the file should be deployed to, if it does not exist, the directory will be created


should the original file be converted from Rmd to md, default = FALSE


should existing result files be overwritten, default = TRUE, this also influences option recursive of file.copy


The flag pbKnitrKnit indicates whether the original document should be converted from Rmd to md format. NB github pages only allow .md documents for publication. The flag pbOverWrite specifies whether any existing result files should be overwritten or not. The same value is used for option recursive of the used function file.copy.

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