Man pages for christianu7/aistats2020smi
Semi-Modular Inference

aistats2020smi-packageThe 'aistats2020smi' package.
dmvnorm_armaMultivariate Normal Density Function
download_mcmc_resultsDownload MCMC results from Carmona and Nicholls (2020)
generate_articleGenerate Article Carmona & Nicholls (2020)
get_agricurb_dataFunction to obtain the real agricultural data in a convenient...
HPVData for ecological study of HPV and cervical cancer.
hpv_loglikJoint log-likelihood for the HPV model
mcmc_agric_modelMCMC procedure for hierarchical model of agricultural...
mcmc_hpvMCMC procedure for ecological study of HPV and cervical...
ModernAgricultural Data gathered in an experimental setting
NMesoArchaeological Data from excavations in the north Mesopotamia...
set_ggthemeSet default ggplot2 theme
SMI_post_biased_dataSMI posterior for the biased data toy model
SMI_pred_biased_dataSMI posterior predictive distribution for the biased data toy...
smi_sec_5_1_expectationSMI on synthetic data, on expectation
smi_sec_5_1_single_datasetSMI on synthetic data, single dataset
smi_sec_5_3_compute_mcmcCompute MCMC in agricultural model
smi_sec_5_3_compute_summaryCompute summary of MCMC results in agricultural model
smi_sec_5_3_eta_selectionCompute eta selection in agricultural model
smi_sec_5_3_plot_eta_selectionPlotting model evaluation results in agricultural model
smi_sec_5_3_plot_mcmcPlot MCMC results in agricultural model
smi_sec_5_4_compute_mcmcCompute MCMC in HPV model
smi_sec_5_4_compute_summaryCompute summary of MCMC results in HPV model
smi_sec_5_4_eta_selectionCompute eta selection in HPV model
smi_sec_5_4_plot_eta_selectionPlotting model evaluation results in HPV model
smi_sec_5_4_plot_mcmcPlot MCMC results in HPV model
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