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github API

add.emailsAdd emails to the account
add.issue.labelsAdd labels to an issue member to team
add.repository.collaboratoradd a user to the list of collaborators of a repo repository to team
am.following.userTest whether current user is following given user
conceal.member.of.organizationconceal user membership in an organization
create.blobcreate a blob
create.commitcreate a commit
create.commit.commentcreate a comment for a given commit in a repository
create.forkcreate a fork under the current user
create.gistcreate a new gist
create.gist.commentCreate gist comment
create.github.contextCreate a github context object.
create.hookcreate a new hook for repo
create.issueCreate issue
create.issue.commentCreate issue comment
create.keyAdd a public key with some id
create.milestoneCreate milestone
create.organization.repositorycreate rpository under given organization
create.pull.requestcreate a pull request
create.pull.request.commentCreate a comment on a pull request
create.referencecreate a reference
create.repositorycreate repository
create.repository.keycreate a repository key
create.repository.labelcreate a label for a repository
create.repository.statuscreate status for a ref in a repo
create.tagcreate a tag
create.teamcreate a team in an organization
create.treeget a tree
delete.all.issue.labelsDelete all issue labels
delete.commit.commentdelete a single commit comment
delete.emailsDelete emails from the account
delete.gistdelete a gist
delete.gist.commentDelete gist comment
delete.hookdelete a hook.
delete.issue.commentDelete issue comment
delete.issue.labelDelete an issue from a label
delete.keyDelete a public key with some id
delete.member.from.organizationdelete user from an organization
delete.member.from.teamremove member from team
delete.milestoneDelete milestone
delete.pull.request.commentDelete a comment on a pull request
delete.referencedelete a reference
delete.repositorydelete repository
delete.repository.collaboratordelete a user from the list of collaborators of a repo
delete.repository.downloaddelete specific download for a repository
delete.repository.from.teamremove repository from team
delete.repository.keydelete a repository key
delete.repository.labeldelete a label from a repository
delete.repository.pathDelete a file in a repository
delete.teamdelete a team in an organization
follow.userStart following a given user
fork.gistfork a gist all issues across all the authenticated user's visible...
get.all.referencesget all references (or subreferences)
get.all.repositoriesget list of all repositories
get.all.repository.issues.commentsGet list of comments for an issue
get.assigneesGet list of assignees for a repo
get.blobget a blob
get.commitget a commit
get.commit.commentget a single commit comment
get.gistget a specific gist
get.gist.commentGet specific comment
get.gist.commentsGet comments for a gist
get.gist.forkslist the forks of a gist
get.github.contextreturns the most recently created github context, or creates...
get.issue.commentGet specific comment
get.issue.commentsGet list of comments for an issue
get.issue.eventsList events for an issue
get.issue.labelsList all labels for an issue
get.keyGet a public key with some id
get.milestoneGet specific milestone from a repository
get.milestone.labelsGet labels for every issue in a milestone
get.milestonesList milestones for a repository the list of emails of the current user the list of followers for the current user who is following the current user the current user's gists all issues across owned and member repositories for the... public keys for the current user the current user's notifications events from the authenticated user organization all organizations for the current user. list of repositories of current user the current user's notifications for a given repo
get.myselfGet information on the current user events for a network of repositories
get.organizationGet an organization
get.organization.issuesList all issues across an organization of the authenticated...
get.organization.memberslist all members from an organization. List all users who are...
get.organization.public.eventslist public events for an organization
get.organization.public.memberslist public members of organization
get.organization.repositoriesget list of repositories of given organization
get.organization.teamslist teams from an organization
get.public.eventslist public events
get.pull.requestget a specific pull request
get.pull.request.commentsList comments on a pull request
get.pull.request.commitslist commits for a pull request
get.pull.request.fileslist files for a pull request
get.pull.requestslist all pull requests
get.pull.requests.commentGet specific comment for a pull request
get.pull.requests.commentsList comments on all pull requests for a repo
get.referenceget a git reference repos starred by current user repos starred by user repos watched by current user repos watched by users
get.repositoryget repository
get.repository.archiveGet the archive of a repo
get.repository.branchget specific repository branch
get.repository.branchesget list of repository branches
get.repository.collaboratorsget list of collaborators of a repo
get.repository.commentsget all commit comments for a repository
get.repository.commitget a specific commit from a repo
get.repository.commit.commentsget all commit comments for a given commit in a repository
get.repository.commitsget commits from a repo
get.repository.contributorsget list of repository contributors
get.repository.contributors.statsget stats on repository contributors
get.repository.diffreturn a diff between two commits
get.repository.downloadget specific download for a repository
get.repository.downloadslist downloads for a repository
get.repository.eventslist events for a given repo
get.repository.forkslist forks
get.repository.hookget specific hook of repository
get.repository.hookslist hooks of repository
get.repository.issue.eventList a single event for a repository issue
get.repository.issue.eventslist issue events for a given repo
get.repository.issuesList all issues for a repo
get.repository.keyget a specific repository key
get.repository.keyslist all repository keys
get.repository.labelget a specific label for a repository
get.repository.labelsList all labels for a repository
get.repository.languagesget list of languages used in the repository, as estimated by...
get.repository.pathGet the contents of a file
get.repository.readmeGet the README for a repo
get.repository.statusget combined status for a ref in a repo
get.repository.statusesget statuses for a ref in a repo
get.repository.subscriptionget repository subscription info
get.repository.tagsget list of repository tags
get.repository.teamsget list of teams participating in the repository
get.stargazerslist people who starred a repo
get.tagget a tag
get.teamget team information team members repositories of a team
get.thread.notificationsget single thread notifications
get.thread.notifications.subscriptionchecks to see if the current user is subscribed to a thread.
get.treeget a tree
get.userGet information on some user
get.user.followersGet the list of followers for a given user
get.user.followingList who a user is following
get.user.gistslist the gists of a given user
get.user.keysGet public keys for a given user
get.user.organizationsList all public organizations for an unauthenticated user....
get.user.performed.eventslist events that a user has performed
get.user.public.performed.eventslist public events that a user has performed
get.user.public.received.eventslist public events that a user has received
get.user.received.eventslist events that a user has received
get.user.repositoriesGet list of repositories of given user
get.usersGet all github users
get.watcherslist repo watchers
githubgithub-package: use the Github API from R
interactive.loginObtain a github context interactively
is.assigneeTest if user is assignee in a repo if user is a member of team
is.member.of.organizationtest if user is a member of an organization
is.public.member.of.organizationtest if user is a public member of organization
is.pull.request.mergedtest if pull request has been merged
is.repository.collaboratortest if a given user is a collaborator of a repo if repository is starred by current user
is.starredtest if gist is starred my notifications as read my notifications as read for a given repo
mark.thread.notificationsmark a single thread as read.
modify.commit.commentupdate a single commit comment
modify.gistEdit a gist
modify.gist.commentEdit gist comment
modify.hookmodify an exisitng hook for repo
modify.issueModify issue
modify.issue.commentModify issue comment
modify.keyUpdate a public key with some id
modify.milestoneEdit milestone
modify.myselfChange information about the current user
modify.organizationmodify an organization
modify.pull.requestedit pull request
modify.pull.request.commentModify a comment on a pull request
modify.referenceedit a reference
modify.repositorymodify repository
modify.repository.keyupdate a repository key
modify.repository.labeledit a specific label for a repository
modify.teamedit a team in an organization
perform.merge.pull.requestmerge a pull request
perform.repository.mergeperform a merge.
publicize.member.of.organizationpublicize user membership in an organization
replace.issue.labelsReplace all issue labels
search.codeSearch Github code.
search.issuesSearch Github issues.
search.repositoriesSearch Github repositories.
search.usersSearch Github users.
set.repository.subscriptionset repository subscription info
set.thread.notifications.subscriptionsubscribes current user to a thread, or ignore thread....
star.giststar a gist
star.repositorystar a repository
test.hooktest a push hook. This will force github to trigger the given...
unfollow.userStop following a given user
unset.repository.subscriptionclear repository subscription info
unset.thread.notifications.subscriptiondeletes subscription info from thread.
unstar.gistunstar a gist
unstar.repositoryunstar a repository
update.repository.pathUpdate the contents of a file
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