Man pages for csoneson/iSEE
Interactive SummarizedExperiment Explorer

annotateEnsemblAnnotation via ENSEMBL database
annotateEntrezAnnotation via Entrez database
custom_plotsCreating custom plots
defaultsParameter defaults
ExperimentColorMap-classExperimentColorMap class
isColorMapCompatibleCheck compatibility between ExperimentColorMap and...
iSEEiSEE: interactive SummarizedExperiment/SingleCellExperiment...
iSEE-pkgiSEE: interactive SummarizedExperiment/SingleCellExperiment...
jitterPointsJitter points for categorical variables
lassoPointsFind rows of data within a closed lasso
modeGatingApp pre-configured to link multiple feature assay plots
subsetPointsByGridSubset points for faster plotting
synchronizeAssaysSynchronize assay colormaps to match those in a...
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