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Automating Qualtrics Survey Processing

answers_from_response_columnGet the Survey Respondents Answers from a Specific Response...
appA Shiny app to format Qualtrics survey data and generate...
appendix_letteringConvert a Number into an Alphabetic Index (i.e. 27->AA)
ask_for_csvAsk the user for the Qualtrics Response Set
ask_for_qsfAsk the user for the Qualtrics Survey file
blocks_from_surveyGenerate a List of Survey Blocks
blocks_header_to_htmlBlock's Header to HTML
choice_text_from_questionGet the Choice Text based on the Choice from a Question
choice_text_from_response_columnGet the Choice Text from the First Row of the Responses
clean_htmlClean HTML and whitespace from a string
clean_question_textCreate Cleaned Question Text
create_html_results_tablesCreate a List of HTML Versions of the Results Tables
create_merged_response_columnAdd a Custom Response Column with Merged Contents
create_panel_dataCreate Panel Data for Reshaped Data
create_question_dictionaryCreate a Question Dictionary
create_response_column_dictionaryCreate a Response Column Dictionary
create_response_lookup_tableCreate a Lookup Table for Response Variables
directory_get_coded_comment_sheetsTurn a Directory into a list of Coded Comment Data Frames...
display_logic_from_questionReturn a list of a Question's Display Logic Components
find_questionFind Question from DataExportTag
find_question_indexFind Question Index from DataExportTag
find_question_index_by_qidFind a Question by its QuestionID
flow_from_surveyGet the Flow out of the Survey
format_and_split_comment_sheetsFormat and Split a list of Unprocessed Coded Comment Sheets
format_coded_commentsProcess a Dataframe of Coded Comments
format_coded_comment_sheetsFormat Comment Coding Data into Frequency Tables
generate_resultsCreate Results Tables and Pair Them to Questions
get_coded_comment_sheetTurn a Single Coded File into a Data Frame
get_reorganized_questions_and_blocksGet Restructured Questions (with inserted Responses) and...
get_setupSetup the Global Environment for a Survey
get_setup_in_environmentLoad Survey Data into an Arbitrary Environment in R
html_2_pandocConvert HTML to a Docx File
human_readable_qtypeCreate Human Readable Question Types
insert_coded_commentsInsert Coded Comments into Blocks
insert_notes_into_questionsInsert the Notes for a question into its qtNotes
insert_split_survey_commentsSplit Survey and Insert Split Coded Comments
is_matrix_bipolarDetermine if a question is a matrix and multiple answer...
is_matrix_multiple_answerDetermine if a question is a matrix and multiple answer...
is_matrix_questionDetermine if a question is a matrix question
is_matrix_single_answerDetermine if a question is a matrix and multiple answer...
is_mc_multiple_answerDetermine if a question is a multiple choice and multiple...
is_mc_single_answerDetermine if a question is a single answer question
is_multiple_answerDetermine if a question is a multiple answer question
is_rank_orderDetermine if a question is a rank order question
is_single_answerDetermine if a question is a single answer question
is_text_entryDetermine if a question is a text entry question
lean_responsesCreate Long and Lean Response Dictionary
link_responses_to_questionsLink Responses to Questions
load_csv_dataSet Response Data to Sample Data or User Data
load_qsf_dataSet Survey to Sample Survey or User Survey
make_coded_commentsCreate Text Appendices including Coded Comments
make_results_tablesExport a file containing the results tables
make_split_coded_commentsSplit a Survey's Split Coded Comment Appendices
make_split_results_tablesGenerate Results Tables Reports Split (or Grouped By) their...
make_split_text_appendicesGenerate Results Tables Reports Split (or Grouped By) their...
make_text_appendicesExport a file containing the text appendices
matrix_multiple_answer_resultsCreate the Results Table for a Matrix Multiple Answer...
matrix_single_answer_resultsCreate the Results Table for a Matrix Single Answer Question
mc_multiple_answer_resultsCreate the Results Table for a Multiple Choice Single Answer...
mc_single_answer_resultsCreate the Results Table for a Multiple Choice Single Answer...
merge_split_column_into_comment_sheetMerge a Splitting Column into an Unprocessed Coded Comment...
notes_from_surveyGenerate a List of Notes Blocks
number_of_blocksCount the Number of Blocks
percent0Format a Numeric as a String Percentage This function formats...
process_question_resultsAppend the Response Frequency Table to a Question
question_descriptionCreate Question Description and Results Table Entry
question_from_response_columnGet the Index of the Question Corresponding to a Response...
questions_from_blocksGenerate a List of Questions from Those Contained in the...
questions_from_surveyGenerate a List of Questions
questions_into_blocksOrganize the Questions into their Survey Blocks
question_variable_to_choice_textConvert the Variable Response into its Corresponding Text
remove_trash_blocksRemove the Trash Block from the list of Blocks
remove_trash_questionsRemove Questions from the Trash Block
repathRepath Windows Paths with "\" to ones with "/" This function...
sample_responsesSample Qualtrics Response Data
sample_surveySample Qualtrics Survey Data
split_respondentsSplit Respondents by a Response Column
split_side_by_sidesSplit Side-by-Side Questions into Multiple Questions
tabelize_display_logicGenerate Tables for Each Question with Display Logic
table_html_coded_commentsCreate a Text Appendix for Coded Comments
table_mcsa_multitextCreate a message stating MCSA questions with Multiple Text...
table_non_text_entryCreate Text Appendices for Non-Text Entry Type Questions
table_no_respondentsCreate a standard "No Respondents answered this question"...
table_text_entryCreate Text Appendices for Text Entry Type Questions
text_appendices_tableCreate HTML Tables for the Text Entry Questions
uncodeable_question_dictionaryCreate Uncodeable Question Dictionary
uncodeable_questions_messageCreate a Message Stating Which Questions Weren't...
validate_data_export_tagsValidate Data Export Tag Uniqueness
which_choices_have_text_entryFind out Which Choices Have Text Entry Components
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