Man pages for daewoooo/BreakPointR
Find breakpoints in Strand-seq data

bam2GRangesImport BAM file into GRanges
BreakPointBreakPoint object
breakpointerMain function for the 'breakpointR' package
breakpointR-packageBreakpoint detection in Strand-Seq data
breakSeekrFind breakpoints from deltaWs
confidenceIntervalEstimate confidence intervals for breakpoints
confidenceInterval.binomialEstimate confidence intervals for breakpoints
createCompositeFileCreate composite Strand-seq file
deltaWCalculatorCalculate deltaWs
example_BreakPointsBreakPoint objects for demonstration purposes
GenotypeBreaksGenotype the space between breakpoints
genotype.fisherGenotype read numbers
hotspotterFind hotspots of genomic events
loadFromFilesLoad 'breakpointR' objects from file
plotBreakpointsPlotting functions for 'breakpointR'
plotHeatmapGenome wide heatmap of template inheritance states
readBamFileAsGRangesImport BAM file into GRanges
readConfigRead BreakpointR configuration file
runBreakpointrFind breakpoints in Strand-seq data
writeBedFileGenerates a bedfile from inFile
writeConfigWrite BreakpointR configuration file
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