Man pages for dankelley/oce
Analysis of Oceanographic Data

abbreviateTimeLabelsAbbreviate a vector of times by removing commonalities
addColumnAdd a Column to the Data Slot of an Oce object [defunct]
adpADP (acoustic-doppler profiler) dataset
adp-classClass to Store adp (ADCP) Data
adpEnsembleAverageEnsemble Average an ADP Object in Time
advADV (acoustic-doppler velocimeter) dataset
adv-classClass to Store adv Data
airRhoAir density
amsr-classClass to Store AMSR-2 Satellite Data
angleRemapConvert angles from 0:360 to -180:180
applyMagneticDeclinationEarth magnetic declination
approx3dTrilinear interpolation in a 3D array
argoARGO float dataset
argo-classClass to Store Argo Data
argoGridGrid Argo float data
argoNames2oceNamesConvert Argo Data Name to Oce Name
argShowShow an argument to a function, e.g. for debugging
as.adpCreate an ADP Object
as.argoCoerce Data Into an Argo Dataset
as.cmCoerce data into a CM object
as.coastlineCoerce Data into a Coastline Object
as.ctdCoerce data into CTD object
as.echosounderCoerce Data into an Echosounder Object
as.gpsCoerce data into a GPS dataset
as.ladpCoerce data into an ladp object
as.lisstCoerce Data Into a LISST Object
as.loboCoerce Data into a Lobo Object
as.metCoerce Data into met Object
as.oceCoerce Something Into an Oce Object
as.rskCoerce Data Into a Rsk Object
as.sealevelCoerce Data Into a Sealevel Object
as.sectionCreate a Section
as.tidemCreate tidem object from fitted harmonic data
as.topoCoerce Data into Topo Object
as.unitConvert a String to a Unit
as.windroseCreate a Windrose Object
bcdToIntegerDecode BCD to integer
beamNameGet names of Acoustic-Doppler Beams
beamToXyzChange ADV or ADP coordinate systems
beamToXyzAdpConvert ADP From Beam to XYZ Coordinates
beamToXyzAdvConvert ADV from Beam to XYZ Coordinates
beamUnspreadAdpAdjust ADP Signal for Spherical Spreading
bilinearInterpBilinear Interpolation Within a Grid
binApply1DApply a function to vector data
binApply2DApply a function to matrix data
binAverageBin-average a vector y, based on x values
binCount1DBin-count vector data
binCount2DBin-count matrix data
binmapAdpBin-map an ADP object
binMean1DBin-average f=f(x)
binMean2DBin-average f=f(x,y)
bound125Calculate a rounded bound, rounded up to matissa 1, 2, or 5
bremen-classClass to Store Bremen-formatted Data
byteToBinaryFormat bytes as binary [defunct]
cmA CM Record
cm-classClass to Store Current Meter Data
cnvName2oceNameInfer variable name, units and scale from a Seabird (.cnv)...
coastlineBestFind the Name of the Best Coastline Object
coastline-classClass to Store Coastline Data
coastlineCutCut a Coastline Object at Specified Longitude
coastlineWorldWorld Coastline
colormapCalculate color map
compositeCreate a composite object by averaging across good data
composite-amsr-methodCreate a composite of amsr satellite data
composite-list-methodComposite by Averaging Across Data
concatenateConcatenate oce objects
concatenate-adp-methodConcatenate adp objects
concatenate-list-methodConcatenate a list of oce objects
concatenate-oce-methodConcatenate oce objects
coriolisCoriolis parameter on rotating earth
ctdA CTD profile in Halifax Harbour
ctdAddColumnAdd a Column to the Data Slot of a CTD Object [defunct]
ctd-classClass to Store CTD (or general hydrographic) Data
ctdDecimateDecimate a CTD profile
ctdFindProfilesFind Profiles within a Tow-Yow CTD Record
ctdRawSeawater CTD Profile, Without Trimming of Extraneous Data
ctdTrimTrim Beginning and Ending of a CTD cast
ctdUpdateHeaderUpdate a CTD Header [defunct]
ctimeToSecondsInterpret a character string as a time interval
curlCurl of 2D vector field
dataLabelTry to associate data names with units, for use by summary()
decimateSmooth and Decimate, or Subsample, an Oce Object
decodeHeaderNortekDecode a Nortek Header
decodeTimeOce Version of as.POSIXct
defaultFlagsSuggest a default flag for good data
despikeRemove spikes from a time series
detrendDetrend a set of observations
download.amsrDownload and Cache an amsr File
download.coastlineDownload a coastline File
download.metDownload and Cache a met File
download.topoDownload and Cache a topo File
drawDirectionFieldDraw a Direction Field
drawIsopycnalsAdd Isopycnal Curves to TS Plot
drawPaletteDraw a palette, leaving margins suitable for accompanying...
echosounderEchosounder Dataset
echosounder-classClass to Store Echosounder Data
eclipticalToEquatorialConvert ecliptical to equatorial coordinate
enuToOtherRotate acoustic-Doppler data to a new coordinate system
enuToOtherAdpConvert ADP ENU to Rotated Coordinate
enuToOtherAdvConvert ENU to Other Coordinate
equatorialToLocalHorizontalConvert equatorial to local horizontal coordinate
errorbarsDraw error bars on an existing xy diagram
fillGapFill a gap in an oce object
findBottomFind the Ocean Bottom in an Echosounder Object
findInOrderedFind indices of times in an ordered vector [defunct]
firstFiniteGet first finite value in a vector or array, or NULL if none
formatCIConfidence interval in parenthetic notation
formatPositionFormat Geographical Position in Degrees and Minutes
fullFilenameFull name of file, including path
g1sst-classClass to Store G1SST Satellite-model Data
geodDistCompute Geodesic Distance on Surface of Earth
geodGcGreat-circle Segments Between Points on Earth
geodXyConvert From Geographical to Geodesic Coordinates
geodXyInverseInverse Geodesic Calculation
GMTOffsetFromTzDetermine time offset from timezone
gps-classClass to Store GPS Data
gradCalculate Matrix Gradient
gravityAcceleration due to earth gravity
handleFlagsHandle flags in oce objects
handleFlags-adp-methodHandle Flags in adp Objects
handleFlags-argo-methodHandle Flags in ARGO Objects
handleFlags-ctd-methodHandle Flags in CTD Objects
handleFlags-section-methodHandle flags in Section Objects
handleFlags-vector-methodSignal erroneous application to non-oce objects
head.oceExtract The Start of an Oce Object
imagepPlot an Image with a Color Palette
initialize-ctd-methodInitialize storage for a ctd object
initializeFlagsCreate storage for a flag, and initialize values, for a oce...
initializeFlags-adp-methodCreate storage for a flag, and initialize values, for a adp...
initializeFlagSchemeEstablish a data-quality scheme for a oce object
initializeFlagScheme-ctd-methodEstablish a data-quality scheme for a ctd object
initializeFlagScheme-oce-methodEstablish a data-quality scheme for a oce object
initializeFlagScheme-section-methodEstablish a data-quality scheme for a section object
initializeFlags-oce-methodCreate storage for a flag, and initialize values, for a oce...
integerToAsciiDecode integer to corresponding ASCII code
integrateTrapezoidTrapezoidal Integration
interpBarnesGrid data using Barnes algorithm
julianCenturyAnomalyJulian-Day number to Julian century
julianDayConvert a POSIXt time to a Julian day
ladp-classClass to Store Lowered-adp Data
landsatSample landsat Dataset
landsatAddAdd a Band to a landsat Object
landsat-classClass to Store landsat Data
landsatTrimTrim a landsat Image to a Geographical Region
latFormatFormat a latitude
latlonFormatFormat a latitude-longitude pair
lisstLISST Dataset
lisst-classClass to Store LISST Data
loboLOBO Dataset
lobo-classClass to Store LOBO Data
lonFormatFormat a longitude
lonlat2mapConvert Longitude and Latitude to X and Y
lonlat2utmConvert Longitude and Latitude to UTM
lookWithinLook Within the First Element of a List for Replacement...
lowpassPerform lowpass digital filtering
magneticFieldEarth magnetic declination, inclination, and intensity
makeFilterMake a digital filter
map2lonlatConvert X and Y to Longitude and Latitude
mapArrowsAdd Arrows to a Map
mapAxisAdd Axis Labels to an Existing Map
mapContourAdd Contours on a Existing map
mapCoordinateSystemDraw a coordinate system
mapDirectionFieldAdd a Direction Field to an Existing Map
mapGridAdd a Longitude and Latitude Grid to a Map
mapImageAdd an Image to a Map
mapLinesAdd Lines to a Map
mapLocatorLocate Points on a Map
mapLongitudeLatitudeXYConvert From Longitude and Latitude to X and Y
mapMeridiansAdd Meridians on a Map [defunct]
mapPlotDraw a Map
mapPointsAdd Points to a Map
mapPolygonAdd a Polygon to a Map
mapScalebarAdd a Scalebar to a Map
mapTextAdd Text to a Map
mapTissotAdd Tissot Indicatrices to a Map
mapZonesAdd Zones to a Map [defunct]
matchBytesLocate byte sequences in a raw vector
matrixShiftLongitudeRearrange areal matrix so Greenwich is near the centre
matrixSmoothSmooth a Matrix
metSample met Object
met-classClass to Store Meteorological Data
metNames2oceNamesConvert met Data Name to Oce Name
moonAngleLunar Angle as Function of Space and Time
numberAsHMSConvert a Numeric Time to Hour, Minute, and Second
numberAsPOSIXctConvert a Numeric Time to a POSIXct Time
oceoce: A Package for Oceanographic Analysis
oceApproxInterpolate 1D Data with UNESCO or Reiniger-Ross Algorithm Variant of as.POSIXlt [defunct] of as.raw() that clips data
oce.axis.POSIXctOce Version of axis.POSIXct
oce-classBase Class for oce Objects
ocecolorsData that define some color palettes
oceColors9BCreate colors in a red-yellow-blue color scheme
oceColorsCDOMCreate colors suitable for CDOM fields
oceColorsChlorophyllCreate colors suitable for chlorophyll fields
oceColorsClosureCreate color functions
oceColorsDensityCreate colors suitable for density fields
oceColorsFreesurfaceCreate colors suitable for freesurface fields
oceColorsGebcoCreate colors in a Gebco-like scheme
oceColorsJetCreate colors similar to the Matlab Jet scheme
oceColorsOxygenCreate colors suitable for oxygen fields
oceColorsPaletteCreate a vector of colors
oceColorsPARCreate colors suitable for PAR fields
oceColorsPhaseCreate colors suitable for phase fields
oceColorsSalinityCreate colors suitable for salinity fields
oceColorsTemperatureCreate colors suitable for temperature fields
oceColorsTurbidityCreate colors suitable for turbidity fields
oceColorsTwoCreate two-color palette
oceColorsVelocityCreate colors suitable for velocity fields
oceColorsViridisCreate colors similar to the matlab Viridis scheme
oceColorsVorticityCreate colors suitable for vorticity fields
oce.contourOce Variant of contour
oceConvolveConvolve two time series
oceCRSCoordinate Reference System strings for some oceans
oceDebugPrint a debugging message
oceDeleteDataDelete data from an 'oce' object
oceDeleteMetadataDelete metadata from an 'oce' object
oce-deprecatedDeprecated and Defunct Elements of package 'oce'
oceEditEdit an Oce Object
oceFilterFilter a time-series
oceGetDataGet data from an 'oce' object
oceGetMetadataGet metadata element from an 'oce' object
oce.gridAdd a Grid to an Existing Oce Plot
oceMagicFind the Type of an Oceanographic Data File
oceNames2whpNamesTranslate Oce Data Names to WHP Data Names
oce.plot.tsOce Variant of plot.ts
ocePmatchPartial matching of strings or numbers
oceSetDataSet something in the 'data' slot of an 'oce' object
oceSetMetadataSet something in the 'metadata' slot of an 'oce' object
oceSmoothSmooth an Oce Object
oceSpectrumWrapper to give normalized spectrum
oceUnits2whpUnitsTranslate oce unit to WHP unit
oce.write.tableWrite the Data Portion of Object to a File
ODF2oceCreate ODF object from the output of 'ODF::read_ODF()'
odf-classClass to Store ODF Data
ODFListFromHeaderCreate a list of ODF header metadata
ODFNames2oceNamesTranslate from ODF Names to Oce Names
parseLatLonParse a Latitude or Longitude String
plot-adp-methodPlot ADP Data
plot-adv-methodPlot ADV data
plot-amsr-methodPlot an amsr Object
plot-argo-methodPlot Argo Data
plot-bremen-methodPlot a Bremen Object
plot-cm-methodPlot CM data
plot-coastline-methodPlot a Coastline
plot-ctd-methodPlot CTD Data
plot-echosounder-methodPlot Echosounder Data
plot-gps-methodPlot a GPS Object
plotInsetPlot an Inset Diagram
plot-ladp-methodPlot an ladp object
plot-landsat-methodPlot a landsat Object
plot-lisst-methodPlot LISST data
plot-lobo-methodPlot LOBO data
plot-met-methodPlot met Data
plot-oce-methodPlot an oce Object
plot-odf-methodPlot an ODF Object
plotPolarDraw a Polar Plot
plotProfilePlot a CTD Profile
plot-rsk-methodPlot Rsk Data
plot-satellite-methodPlot a satellite object
plotScanPlot CTD data in a Low-Level Fashion
plot-sealevel-methodPlot Sealevel Data
plot-section-methodPlot a Section
plotSticksDraw a Stick Plot
plotTaylorPlot a Model-data Comparison Diagram
plot-tidem-methodPlot a Tidem Prediction
plot-topo-methodPlot a Topo Object
plotTSPlot Temperature-Salinity Diagram
plot-windrose-methodPlot Windrose data
predict.tidemPredict a Time Series from a Tidal Model
prettyPositionPretty lat/lon in deg, min, sec
processingLogAppendAppend an item to a processing log
processingLogItemCreate an item that can be inserted into a processing log
processingLog-setAdd an item to a processing log (in place)
processingLogShowShow the processing log of an 'oce' object
pwelchWelch periodogram
rangeExtendedCalculate Range, Extended a Little, as is Done for Axes
rangeLimitSubstitute NA for data outside a range
read.ad2cpRead an AD2CP File
read.adpRead an ADP File
read.adp.nortekRead a Nortek ADP File
read.adp.rdiRead a Teledyne/RDI ADP File
read.adp.sontekRead a Sontek ADP File
read.adp.sontek.serialRead a serial Sontek ADP file
read.advRead an ADV data file
read.adv.nortekRead an ADV data file
read.adv.sontek.adrRead an ADV data file
read.adv.sontek.serialRead an ADV data file
read.adv.sontek.textRead an ADV data file
read.amsrRead an amsr File
read.aquadoppRead a Nortek Aquadopp File
read.aquadoppHRRead Nortek Aquadopp-HR File
read.aquadoppProfilerRead a Nortek Aquadopp-Profiler File
read.argoRead an Argo Data File
read.bremenRead a Bremen File
read.cmRead a CM file
read.coastlineRead a Coastline File
read.coastline.openstreetmapRead a Coastline File in Openstreetmap Format
read.coastline.shapefileRead a Coastline File in Shapefile Format
read.ctdRead a General CTD File
read.ctd.itpRead an ITP-type CTD File
read.ctd.odfRead a CTD file in ODF format
read.ctd.sbeRead a Seabird CTD File
read.ctd.woceRead a WOCE-type CTD file with First Word "CTD"
read.ctd.woce.otherRead a WOCE-type CTD file with First Word "EXPOCODE"
read.echosounderRead an Echosounder File
read.g1sstRead a G1SST file
read.gpsRead a GPS File
read.indexRead a NOAA ocean index file
read.landsatRead a landsat File Directory
read.lisstRead a LISST File
read.loboRead a LOBO File
read.metRead a met File
read.netcdfRead a NetCDF File
read.oceRead an Oceanographic Data File
read.odfRead an ODF file
read.rskRead a Rsk file
read.sealevelRead a Sealevel File
read.sectionRead a Section File
read.topoRead a Topo File
read.woaRead a World Ocean Atlas NetCDF File
renameDataRename items in the data slot of an oce object
rescaleRescale values to lie in a given range
resizableLabelProvide axis names in adjustable sizes
retimeAdjust the time within Oce object
rotateAboutZRotate velocity components within an oce object
rskSample Rsk Dataset
rsk2ctdCreate a ctd Object from an rsk Object
rsk-classClass to Store Rsk Data
rskPatmEstimate Atmospheric Pressure in Rsk Object
rskTocDecode table-of-contents File from a Rsk File
runlmCalculate running linear models
satellite-classClass to Store Satellite Data
sealevelSealevel data for Halifax Harbour
sealevel-classClass to Store Sealevel Data
sealevelTuktoyaktukSea-level data set acquired in 1975 at Tuktoyaktuk
secondsToCtimeTime interval as colon-separated string
sectionHydrographic section
sectionAddStationAdd a CTD Station to a Section
section-classClass to Store Hydrographic Section Data
sectionGridGrid a Section
sectionSmoothSmooth a Section
sectionSortSort a Section
setFlagsSet data-quality flags within a oce object
setFlags-adp-methodSet data-quality flags within a adp object
setFlags-ctd-methodSet data-quality flags within a ctd object
setFlags-oce-methodSet data-quality flags within a oce object
shiftLongitudeShift Longitude to Range -180 to 180
showMetadataItemShow metadata item
siderealTimeConvert a POSIXt time to a sidereal time
standardDepthsStandard Oceanographic Depths
standardizeLongitudePut longitude in the range from -180 to 180
subset-adp-methodSubset an ADP Object
subset-adv-methodSubset an ADV Object
subset-amsr-methodSubset an amsr Object
subset-argo-methodSubset an Argo Object
subset-cm-methodSubset a CM Object
subset-coastline-methodSubset a Coastline Object
subset-ctd-methodSubset a CTD Object
subset-echosounder-methodSubset an Echosounder Object
subset-lobo-methodSubset a LOBO Object
subset-met-methodSubset a met Object
subset-oce-methodSubset an oce Object
subset-odf-methodSubset an ODF object
subset-rsk-methodSubset a Rsk Object
subset-sealevel-methodSubset a Sealevel Object
subset-section-methodSubset a Section Object
subset-topo-methodSubset a Topo Object
sub-sub-adp-methodExtract Something from an adp Object
sub-sub-adv-methodExtract Something from an adv Object
sub-sub-amsr-methodExtract Something From an amsr Object
sub-sub-argo-methodExtract Something From an Argo Object
sub-sub-bremen-methodExtract Something From a Bremen Object
sub-sub-cm-methodExtract Something From a CM Object
sub-sub-coastline-methodExtract Something From a Coastline Object
sub-sub-ctd-methodExtract Something From a CTD Object
sub-sub-echosounder-methodExtract Something from an Echosounder Object
sub-sub-g1sst-methodExtract Something From a G1SST Object
sub-sub-gps-methodExtract Something From a GPS Object
sub-sub-ladp-methodExtract Something From an ladp Object
sub-sub-landsat-methodExtract Something From a landsat Object
sub-sub-lisst-methodExtract Something From a LISST Object
sub-sub-lobo-methodExtract Something From a LOBO Object
sub-sub-met-methodExtract Something From a met Object
sub-sub-oce-methodExtract Something From an oce Object
sub-sub-odf-methodExtract Something From an ODF Object
sub-sub-rsk-methodExtract Something From a Rsk Object
sub-sub-sealevel-methodExtract Something From a Sealevel Object
sub-sub-section-methodExtract Something From a Section Object
sub-subset-adp-methodReplace Parts of an ADP Object
sub-subset-adv-methodReplace Parts of an ADV Object
sub-subset-amsr-methodReplace Parts of an AMSR Object
sub-subset-argo-methodReplace Parts of an Argo Object
sub-subset-bremen-methodReplace Parts of a Bremen Object
sub-subset-cm-methodReplace Parts of a CM Object
sub-subset-coastline-methodReplace Parts of a Coastline Object
sub-subset-ctd-methodReplace Parts of a CTD Object
sub-subset-echosounder-methodReplace Parts of an Echosounder Object
sub-subset-g1sst-methodReplace Parts of a G1SST Object
sub-subset-gps-methodReplace Parts of a GPS Object
sub-subset-ladp-methodReplace Parts of a ladp Object
sub-subset-landsat-methodReplace Parts of a landsat Object
sub-subset-lisst-methodReplace Parts of a LISST Object
sub-subset-lobo-methodReplace Parts of a LOBO Object
sub-subset-met-methodReplace Parts of a met Object
sub-subset-oce-methodReplace Parts of an Oce Object
sub-subset-odf-methodReplace Parts of an ODF Object
sub-subset-rsk-methodReplace Parts of a Rsk Object
sub-subset-sealevel-methodReplace Parts of a Sealevel Object
sub-subset-section-methodReplace Parts of a Section Object
sub-subset-tidem-methodReplace Parts of a Tidem Object
sub-subset-topo-methodReplace Parts of a Topo Object
sub-subset-windrose-methodReplace Parts of a Windrose Object
sub-sub-tidem-methodExtract Something From a Tidem Object
sub-sub-topo-methodExtract Something From a Topo Object
sub-sub-windrose-methodExtract Something From a Windrose Object
subtractBottomVelocitySubtract Bottom Velocity from ADP
summary-adp-methodSummarize an ADP Object
summary-adv-methodSummarize an ADV object
summary-amsr-methodSummarize an AMSR Object
summary-argo-methodSummarize an Argo Object
summary-bremen-methodSummarize a Bremen Object
summary-cm-methodSummarize a CM Object
summary-coastline-methodSummarize a Coastline Object
summary-ctd-methodSummarize a CTD Object
summary-echosounder-methodSummarize an Echosounder Object
summary-gps-methodSummarize a GPS Object
summary-ladp-methodSummarize an ladp object
summary-landsat-methodSummarize a landsat Object
summary-lisst-methodSummarize a LISST Object
summary-lobo-methodSummarize a LOBO Object
summary-met-methodSummarize a met Object
summary-oce-methodSummarize an oce Object
summary-odf-methodSummarize an ODF Object
summary-rsk-methodSummarize a Rsk Object
summary-satellite-methodSummarize a satellite object
summary-sealevel-methodSummarize a Sealevel Object
summary-section-methodSummarize a Section Object
summary-tidem-methodSummarize a Tidem Object
summary-topo-methodSummarize A Topo Object
summary-windrose-methodSummarize a 'windrose' object
sunAngleSolar Angle as Function of Space and Time
swAbsoluteSalinitySeawater absolute salinity, in GSW formulation
swAlphaSeawater thermal expansion coefficient
swAlphaOverBetaRatio of seawater thermal expansion coefficient to haline...
swBetaSeawater haline contraction coefficient
swConservativeTemperatureSeawater conservative temperature, in GSW formulation
swCSTpElectrical conductivity ratio from salinity, temperature and...
swDepthWater depth
swDynamicHeightDynamic height of seawater profile
swLapseRateSeawater lapse rate
swN2Squared buoyancy frequency for seawater
swPressureWater pressure
swRhoSeawater density
swRrhoDensity ratio
swSCTpSalinity from electrical conductivity, temperature and...
swSigmaSeawater density anomaly
swSigma0Seawater potential density anomaly referenced to surface...
swSigma1Seawater potential density anomaly referenced to 1000db...
swSigma2Seawater potential density anomaly referenced to 2000db...
swSigma3Seawater potential density anomaly referenced to 3000db...
swSigma4Seawater potential density anomaly referenced to 4000db...
swSigmaTSeawater quasi-potential density anomaly
swSigmaThetaSeawater potential density anomaly
swSoundAbsorptionSeawater sound absorption in dB/m
swSoundSpeedSeawater sound speed
swSpecificHeatSeawater specific heat Source=...
swSpiceSeawater spiciness
swSTrhoSeawater salinity from temperature and density
swTFreezeSeawater freezing temperature
swThermalConductivitySeawater thermal conductivity
swThetaSeawater potential temperature
swTSrhoSeawater temperature from salinity and density
swViscositySeawater viscosity
swZVertical coordinate
T68fromT90Convert from ITS-90 to IPTS-68 temperature
T90fromT48Convert from ITS-48 to ITS-90 temperature
T90fromT68Convert from IPTS-68 to ITS-90 temperature
tail.oceExtract the End of an Oce Object
threenumCalculate min, mean, and max values
tidedataTidal Constituent Information
tidemFit a Tidem (Tidal Model) to a Timeseries
tidemAstronAstronomical Calculations for Tidem
tidem-classClass to Store Tidal Models
tidemVufNodal Modulation Calculations for Tidem
titleCaseCapitalize first letter of each of a vector of words
toEnuRotate acoustic-Doppler data to the enu coordinate system
toEnuAdpConvert an ADP Object to ENU Coordinates
toEnuAdvConvert an ADV Object to ENU Coordinates
topo-classClass to Store Topographic Data
topoInterpolateInterpolate Within a Topo Object
topoWorldGlobal Topographic Dataset at Half-degree Resolution
trimStringRemove leading and trailing whitespace from strings
unabbreviateYearDetermine year from various abbreviations
undriftTimeCorrect for drift in instrument clock
unduplicateNamesRename duplicated character strings
ungridExtract (x, y, z) from (x, y, grid)
unitFromStringDecode units, from strings
unitFromStringRskInfer Rsk units from a vector of strings
unwrapAngleUnwrap an angle that suffers modulo-360 problems
useHeadingReplace the Heading for One Instrument With That of Another
usrLonLatCalculate lon-lat coordinates of plot-box trace
utm2lonlatConvert UTM to Longitude and Latitude
vectorShowShow some values from a vector
velocityStatisticsReport Statistics of adp or adv Velocities
webtideGet a Tidal Prediction from a WebTide Database
windWind dataset
window.oceWindow an Oce Object by Time or Distance
windrose-classClass to Store Windrose Data
woceNames2oceNamesTranslate WOCE Data Names to Oce Data Names
woceUnit2oceUnitTranslate WOCE units to oce units
write.ctdWrite a CTD Data Object as a CSV File
xyzToEnuConvert acoustic-Doppler data from xyz coordinates to enu...
xyzToEnuAdpConvert ADP From XYZ to ENU Coordinates
xyzToEnuAdvConvert an ADP from XYZ to ENU Coordinates
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