Man pages for darunabas/bioregion
an R package for mapping biodiversity and conservation

addFamilyA function to calculate evolutionary distinctiveness among...
choroplethBinning shapefile polygons based on slot values
coldspotsComputes biodiversity coldspots
evoldistinct.bioregionA function to calculate evolutionary distinctiveness of...
fishnetCreating fishnet of polygons
getClustersGets the descendant nodes of a phylogeny at a given time...
hotspotsComputes biodiversity hotspots
mapTraitsMap species trait values in geographic space
match_phylo_commMatch taxa and in phylogeny and community matrix
PDPhylogenetic diversity
phylobeta_corePhylogenetic beta diversity
phylo_builderCreate a subtree with largest overlap from a species list.
raster2commConverts raster to community matrix
read.communityRead in sparse community matrices
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sdmGlobal scale species distribution modeling
weighted.endemismMeasures the distribution of narrow-ranged or endemic...
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