Man pages for data-cleaning/errorlocate
Locate Errors with Validation Rules

add_noiseAdd (a small amount of) noise
cat_as_mip_rulesget categorical rules as mip_rules
cat_coefficientsGet coefficient matrix from categorical rules
ErrorLocalizer-classBase class for class locate errors based on rules and data
errorlocate-packageFind errors in data given a set of validation rules.
errorlocationError location object
errors_removedGet location of removed errors from a 'cleaned' data set
expect_valuesexpect values
FHLocalizer-classFeligi-Holt Errorlocalizer
is_categoricalCheck if rules are categorical
is_conditionalCheck if rules are conditional rules
is_linearCheck which rules are linear rules.
locate_errorsLocate errors in data
mip_ruleCreate a rule used by mip
MipRules-classCreate a mip object from a validator object
replace_errorsReplace erroneous fields with NA or a suggested value
substitute_substitute an existing language object
translate_mip_lptranslate linear rules into an lp problem
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