Man pages for datacloning/dclone
Data Cloning and MCMC Tools for Maximum Likelihood Methods

bugs.fitFit BUGS models with cloned data
bugs.parfitParallel computing with WinBUGS/OpenBUGS
clusterSizeOptimizing the number of workers
clusterSplitSBSize balancing
codaSamplesGenerate posterior samples in mcmc.list format
coef.mcmc.listMethods for the 'mcmc.list' class
dc.fitIterative model fitting with data cloning
dcFitInternal function for iterative model fitting with data...
dcloneCloning R objects
DcloneEnvManipulating dclone environments
dclone-packageData Cloning
dcoptionsSetting Options
dc.parfitParallel model fitting with data cloning
dctableRetrieve descriptive statistics from fitted objects to...
errlinesPlot error bars
evalParallelArgumentEvaluates parallel argument
jags.fitFit JAGS models with cloned data
jagsModelCreate a JAGS model object
jags.parfitParallel computing with JAGS
lambdamax.diagData Cloning Diagnostics
make.symmetricMake a square matrix symmetric by averaging.
mclapplySBSize balancing version of mclapply
mcmcapplyCalculations on 'mcmc.list' objects
nclonesNumber of Clones
ovenbirdAbundances of ovenbird in Alberta
pairs.mcmc.listScatterplot Matrices for 'mcmc.list' Objects
parallel.initsParallel RNGs for initial values
parCodaSamplesGenerate posterior samples in 'mcmc.list' format on parallel...
parDosaParallel wrapper function to call from within a function
parJagsModelCreate a JAGS model object on parallel workers
parLoadModuleDynamically load JAGS modules on parallel workers
parSetFactoryAdvanced control over JAGS on parallel workers
parUpdateUpdate jags models on parallel workers
regmodExemplary MCMC list object
stan.fitFit Stan models with cloned data
update.mcmc.listAutomatic updating of an MCMC object from JAGS
write.jags.modelWrite and remove model file
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