DcloneEnv: Manipulating dclone environments

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Manipulating dclone environments


Manipulating dclone environments.


pullDcloneEnv(x, type = c("model", "results"))
pushDcloneEnv(x, value, type = c("model", "results"))
clearDcloneEnv(..., list = character(), 
    type = c("model", "results"))
listDcloneEnv(type = c("model", "results"))
existsDcloneEnv(x, type = c("model", "results"),
    mode = "any", inherits = TRUE)



a variable name, given as a character string. No coercion is done, and the first element of a character vector of length greater than one will be used, with a warning.


a value to be assigned to x.


character, the type of environment to be accessed, see Details.


the objects to be removed, as names (unquoted) or character strings (quoted).


a character vector naming objects to be removed.


the mode or type of object sought: see the exists.


logical, should the enclosing frames of the environment be searched?


type = "model" manipulates the .DcloneEnvModel environment, which is meant to store temporary objects for model fitting with ‘snow’ type parallelism (see parDosa for the implementation). This is swiped clean after use.

Thetype = "results" manipulates the .DcloneEnvResults environment, which is meant to store result objects on the workers. This is not swiped clean after use.

pullDcloneEnv pulls an object from these environments, similar to get in effect.

pushDcloneEnv pushes an object to these environments, similar to assign in effect.

clearDcloneEnv removes object(s) from these environments, similar to rm in effect.

listDcloneEnv lists name(s) of object(s) in these environments, similar to ls in effect.

existsDcloneEnv tests if an object exists in these environments, similar to exists in effect.


For pullDcloneEnv, the object found. If no object is found an error results.

pushDcloneEnv is invoked for its side effect, which is assigning value to the variable x.

For clearDcloneEnv its is the side effect of an object removed. No value returned.

listDcloneEnv returns a character vector.

existsDcloneEnv returns logical, TRUE if and only if an object of the correct name and mode is found.


Peter Solymos, solymos@ualberta.ca

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