Man pages for davidgohel/flextable
Functions for Tabular Reporting

add_header_footerAdd a row of labels in header or footer part
alignSet text alignment
as_imageimage wrapper
autofitAdjusts cell widths and heights
bgSet background color
body_add_flextableadd flextable into a Word document
boldSet bold font
borderSet cell borders
bordersborders management
colformat_charformat character columns
colformat_intformat integer columns
colformat_numformat numeric columns
colorSet font color
delete_partdelete flextable part
dim.flextableGet flextable dimensions
dim_prettyCalculate pretty dimensions
displayDefine flextable displayed values
empty_blanksmake blank columns as transparent
flextableflextable creation
flextable-packageflextable: Functions for Tabular Reporting
fontSet font
fontsizeSet font size
footers_flextable_at_bkmadd flextable at a bookmark location in document's footer
format.flextableEncode flextable in a document format.
headers_flextable_at_bkmadd flextable at a bookmark location in document's header
heightSet flextable rows height
hyperlink_texthyperlink wrapper
italicSet italic font
knit_print.flextableRender flextable in rmarkdown (including Word output)
merge_atMerge flextable cells
merge_hMerge flextable cells horizontally
merge_noneDelete flextable merging informations
merge_vMerge flextable cells vertically
minibardraw a single bar
paddingSet paragraph paddings
ph_with_flextableadd flextable into a PowerPoint slide
print.flextableflextable printing
rotaterotate cell text
set_formatterset column formatter functions
set_header_footer_dfSet flextable's header or footer rows
set_header_labelsSet flextable's headers labels
styleSet flextable style
theme_booktabsApply booktabs theme
theme_boxApply box theme
theme_tronApply tron theme
theme_tron_legacyApply tron legacy theme
theme_vanillaApply vanilla theme
theme_zebraApply zebra theme
voidDelete flextable content
widthSet flextable columns width
xtable_to_flextableget a flextable from a xtable object
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