Man pages for ddsjoberg/bstfun
Functions for the MSK Biostatistics Department

add_cuminc_risktableAdd risk table to 'cuminc()' plot
add_inline_forest_plotAdd inline forest plot
add_sparklineAdd Sparkline Figure
add_splinesAdd spline terms to a data frame
add_variable_groupingGroup variable summaries
as_forest_plotCreate Forest Plot
as_ggplotConvert gt/gtsummary table to ggplot
assign_timepointAssign a time point to a long data set with multiple measures
aucCalculate exact AUCs based on the distribution of risk in a...
bold_italicize_group_labelsSet bold and/or italic style for groups labels in stacked...
bstfun-packagebstfun: Functions for the MSK Biostatistics Department
cite_rCite R and R Packages
clean_mrnCheck and Format MRNs
count_mapCheck variable derivations
count_naAssess pattern of missing data
create_projectStart a New Biostatistics project
deprecatedDeprecated functions
egfrCalculate eGFR
fix_database_errorFunction to make database fixes after import
followup_timeReport Follow-up Among Censored Obs
get_modeCalculates the mode(s) of a set of values
ggcalibrationModel Calibration Plot
here_dataFind your data folder
hpccHPCC Functions
list_labelsGet variable labels and store in named list
logistic_reg_adj_diffLogistic regression adjusted differences
project_templatesBiostatistics project templates
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rm_logsDeletes log files created by Rscript on the Linux cluster
set_derived_variablesApply variable labels to data frame
style_tbl_compactCompact Table Styling
tbl_likertLikert Summary Table
theme_gtsummary_mskSet custom gtsummary themes
trialResults from a simulated study of two chemotherapy agents:...
use_bst_rstudio_prefsUse Biostatistics RStudio Preferences
use_fileWrite a template file
use_varnames_as_labelsUse Variable Names as Labels
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