Man pages for ddsjoberg/bstfun
Misc functions for the dept

add_inline_forest_plotAdd inline forest plot
as_ggplotConvert gt/gtsummary table to ggplot
bstfun-packagebstfun: Misc functions for the dept
fix_database_errorFunction to make database fixes after import
gts_add_p_footnotesMoves p-value footnotes to individual p-values
here_dataFind your data folder
hpccHPCC Functions
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
style_tbl_compactCompact Table Styling
tbl_2way_summaryTwo-way Summary
tbl_ancovaTable difference between two groups
tbl_splitSplit gtsummary Table
theme_gtsummary_mskSet custom gtsummary themes
trialResults from a simulated study of two chemotherapy agents:...
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