bstfun-package: bstfun: Misc functions for the dept

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bstfun: Misc functions for the dept


A miscellaneous collection of functions to used by members of the Biostatistics Department at MSKCC.


Maintainer: Daniel D. Sjoberg (ORCID)


  • Jessica A. Lavery

  • Karissa Whiting (ORCID)

Other contributors:

  • Margie Hannum (ORCID) [contributor]

  • Meier Hsu [contributor]

  • Caroline Kostrzewa [contributor]

  • Jasme Lee [contributor]

  • Amy Tin (ORCID) [contributor]

  • Emily Vertosick [contributor]

  • Gustavo Zapata Wainberg (ORCID) [contributor]

  • Christine Zhou [contributor]

  • Stephanie Lobaugh [contributor]

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