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Presentation-Ready Data Summary and Analytic Result Tables

add_global_pAdds the global p-value for a categorical variables
add_global_p.tbl_regressionAdds the global p-value for categorical variables
add_global_p.tbl_uvregressionAdds the global p-value for categorical variables
add_nAdd column with N
add_neventAdd number of events to a regression table
add_nevent.tbl_regressionAdd number of events to a regression table
add_nevent.tbl_uvregressionAdd number of events to a regression table
add_overallAdd column with overall summary statistics
add_pAdds p-values to gtsummary table
add_p.tbl_crossAdds p-value to crosstab table
add_p.tbl_summaryAdds p-values to summary tables
add_qAdd a column of q-values to account for multiple comparisons
add_statAdd a custom statistic column
add_stat_labelAdd statistic labels
all_ofSelect Helpers
any_ofSelect Helpers
as_flextable.gtsummaryConvert gtsummary object to a flextable object
as_gtConvert gtsummary object to a gt object
as_kableConvert gtsummary object to a kable object
as_kable_extraConvert gtsummary object to a kableExtra object
as_tibble.gtsummaryConvert gtsummary object to a tibble
bold_italicize_labels_levelsBold or Italicize labels or levels in gtsummary tables
bold_pBold significant p-values or q-values
combine_termsCombine terms in a regression model
containsSelect Helpers
deprecatedDeprecated functions
ends_withSelect Helpers
everythingSelect Helpers
gtsummary_logoThe gtsummary logo, using ASCII or Unicode characters
gtsummary-packagegtsummary: Presentation-Ready Data Summary and Analytic...
inline_textReport statistics from gtsummary tables inline
inline_text.tbl_crossReport statistics from cross table inline
inline_text.tbl_regressionReport statistics from regression summary tables inline
inline_text.tbl_summaryReport statistics from summary tables inline
inline_text.tbl_survfitReport statistics from survfit tables inline
inline_text.tbl_survivalReport statistics from survival summary tables inline
inline_text.tbl_uvregressionReport statistics from regression summary tables inline
last_colSelect Helpers
matchesSelect Helpers
modify_footnoteUpdate gtsummary table footnote
modify_headerModify column headers in gtsummary tables
modify_spanning_headerUpdate gtsummary table spanning header
num_rangeSelect Helpers
one_ofSelect Helpers
pipePipe operator
print_gtsummaryprint and knit_print methods for gtsummary objects
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
select_helpersSelect helper functions
set_gtsummary_themeSet a gtsummary theme
sort_pSort variables in table by ascending p-values
starts_withSelect Helpers
style_percentStyle percentages to be displayed in tables or text
style_pvalueStyle p-values to be displayed in tables or text
style_ratioImplement significant figure-like rounding for ratios
style_sigfigImplement significant figure-like rounding
tbl_crossCreate a cross table of summary statistics
tbl_mergeMerge two or more gtsummary objects
tbl_regressionDisplay regression model results in table
tbl_stackStacks two or more gtsummary objects
tbl_summaryCreate a table of summary statistics
tbl_survfitCreates table of survival probabilities
tbl_survivalCreates table of univariate summary statistics for...
tbl_survival.survfitCreates table of survival probabilities
tbl_uvregressionDisplay univariate regression model results in table
theme_gtsummaryAvailable gtsummary themes
trialResults from a simulated study of two chemotherapy agents
vetted_modelsVetted tidy models
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