Man pages for dfjenkins3/TBSignatureProfiler
Profile RNA-Seq Data Using TB Pathway Signatures

Bootstrap_LOOCV_LR_AUCBootstrap LOOCV with logistic regression
deseq2_norm_rlegene expression normalization, RLE normalization: relative...
distinctColorsGenerate a distinct palette for coloring different clusters
LOOAUC_simple_multiple_noplot_one_dfLOOCV with logistic regression
runTBsigProfilerRun TB Signature Profiling
signatureBoxplotPlot a Boxplot of Signature Genes
signatureGeneHeatmapPlot a Heatmap of a single signature scores and gene...
signatureHeatmapPlot a Heatmap of Signature Scores
SignatureQuantitativeUse logistic regression and Bootstrap LOOCV for signature...
TB_indianTB toy dataset
TBSignatureProfiler-packageTBSignatureProfiler: Profile RNA-Seq Data Using TB Pathway...
TBsignaturesTB Signatures
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