epd.entity-class: Class for epd.entity objects

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This object stores all the information available for a particular entity in the European Pollen Database (EPD). It has some additional information (e.g., in @postbombzone or @isingiesecke slots). Other slots store handy information for simplicity (e.g., @defaultchron or @numberofchron slots). The rest of slots are the raw information as extracted from the EPD, and stored in the link[EPDr]{entity}, link[EPDr]{site}, link[EPDr]{geochron}, link[EPDr]{chron}, and link[EPDr]{samples} classes.


All data in this object can be changed, but the intention of the object is to provide a copy of all the tables in the EPD with information regarding a particular entity. When an entity has no data in any particular table, the table is created empty.



numeric. Number indicating the entity number (e_) of the stored entity.


factor. It indicates the code of the postbomb zone of the world where the entity is located. This is not used yet, but might be handy for further implementations for datations with CLAM or BACON.


numeric. The number of chronologies available for the data in that entity.


logical. Indicating whether this entity was revised in Giesecke et al. (2013) and, hence, additional datations are available.


numeric. The number of the default chronology according to the EPD.


entity. Entity object for the entity.


site. Site object for the entity.


geochron. Geochron object for the entity.


chron. Chron object for the entity.


samples. Samples object for the entity.


Giesecke, T., Davis, B., Brewer, S., Finsinger, W., Wolters, S., Blaaw, M., de Beaulieu, J.L., Binney, H., Fyfe, R.M., Gaillard, M.J., Gil-Romera, G., van der Knaap, W.O. Kunes, P., Kuhl, N., van Leeuwen, J.F.N, Leydet, M., Lotter, A.F., Ortu, E., Semmler, M., and Bradshaw, R.H.W (2013). Towards mapping the late Quaternary vegetation change of Europe. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, 23, 75-86.

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