Man pages for dinilu/EPDr
Interact with the European Pollen Database (EPD)

agesdf-classClass for agesdf objects
blois_qualityBlois quality index for palynological samples
check_countsCheck counts data on EPDr objects
check_defaultchronCheck default chronology on EPDr objects
check_restrictionCheck restrictions on EPDr objects
check_valid_defaultchronCheck that default chronology on EPDr objects is valid
chron-classClass for chronology information of an entity
commdf-classClass for commdf objects
connect_to_epdConect to a EPD database
counts_to_percentagesCalculate counts percentages
disconnect_from_epdDisconnect a connection to a EPD database
entity-classClass for descriptions of an entity
entity_to_matricesCalculate data matrices from 'epd.entity-class' objects
epd.entity-classClass for epd.entity objects
epd.entity.df-classClass for epd.entity.df objects
export_agebasisReshape agebasis table to CLAM or BACON format
export_c14Reshape C14 table to CLAM or BACON format
export_depthsReshape depths of biological samples to CLAM or BACON format
export_entityReshape epd.entity objects to CLAM or BACON format
export_eventsReshape events data to CLAM or BACON format
extract_e-methodExtract Entity number from EPDr objects
filter_taxaExpand EPDr objects with new taxa
filter_taxagroupsFilter Taxa Groups
geochron-classClass for Geochronologies of an entity
get_chronRetrieve chronological information for EPD entities
get_entRetrieve description for EPD entities
get_entityRetrieve all information for an EPD entity
get_geochronRetrieving geochronological information for an entity in the...
get_publRetrieve publications from their publ ID number
get_samplesRetrieve samples information for EPD entities
get_siteRetrieve site information for EPD entities
get_taxonomy_epdQuery the taxonomy table of the EPD
get_workersRetrieves workers information
giesecke_default_chronMake Giesecke the default chronology
interpolate_countsInterpolate counts to specific time periods
intervals_countsMean counts for specific time intervals
list_countriesList countries in the EPD
list_eList entities in the EPD
list_publList publications in the EPD
list_regionsList (administrative) regions in the EPD
list_sitesList sites in the EPD
list_taxaList taxa in the EPD
list_taxagroupsList taxa groups in the EPD
map_taxa_ageMap pollen counts from a list of epd.entity.df objects
nopodf-classClass for nopodf objects
plot_diagramPlot pollen diagram of an entity
remove_restrictedRemove restricted data from a list of objects
remove_wo_agesRemove data without ages from a list of objects
remove_wo_countsRemove data without counts from a list of objects
samples-classClass for biological samples of an entity
samplesdf-classClass for samplesdf objects
site-classClass for Site of an entity
table_by_taxa_ageTabulate counts by taxa and age
taxa_to_acceptedtaxaChange taxa to accepted taxa names
taxa_to_highertaxaChange taxa to higher taxa level
unify_taxonomyUnify taxonomy of counts in multiple objects
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