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Classes and Methods for Spatial Data

00spA package providing classes and methods for spatial data:...
addattrconstructs SpatialXxxDataFrame from geometry and attributes
aggregateaggregation of spatial objects
asciigridread/write to/from (ESRI) asciigrid format
as.SpatialPolygons.GridTopologyMake SpatialPolygons object from GridTopology object
as.SpatialPolygons.PolygonsListMaking SpatialPolygons objects
bboxretrieve bbox from spatial data
bpy.colorsblue-pink-yellow color scheme, which also prints well on...
bubbleCreate a bubble plot of spatial data
char2dmsConvert character vector to DMS-class object
compassRoseDisplay a compass rose.
coordinatesset spatial coordinates to create a Spatial object, or...
coordinates-methodsretrieve (or set) spatial coordinates
coordnames-methodsretrieve or assign coordinate names for classes in sp
CRS-classClass "CRS" of coordinate reference system arguments
degaxisaxis with degrees
dimensionsretrieve spatial dimensions from spatial data
disaggregatedisaggregate SpatialLines, SpatialLinesDataFrame,...
DMS-classClass "DMS" for degree, minute, decimal second values
fliprearrange data in SpatialPointsDataFrame or...
geometry-methodsMethods for retrieving the geometry from a composite...
gridded-methodsspecify spatial data as being gridded, or find out whether...
gridindex2nbcreate neighbourhood (nb) object from grid geometry
gridlinesCreate N-S and E-W grid lines over a geographic region
GridTopology-classClass "GridTopology"
imageimage gridded spatial data, or convert to format for image
is.projectedSets or retrieves projection attributes on classes extending...
Linecreate objects of class Line or Lines
Line-classClass "Line"
Lines-classClass "Lines"
loadmeusedeprecated function to load the Meuse data set
mapaspCalculate aspect ratio for plotting geographic maps; create...
mergeMerge a Spatial* object having attributes with a data.frame
meuseMeuse river data set
meuse.gridPrediction Grid for Meuse Data Set
meuse.grid_llPrediction Grid for Meuse Data Set, geographical coordinates
meuse.rivRiver Meuse outline
nowrapSpatialLinesSplit SpatialLines components at offset
overconsistent spatial overlay for points, grids and polygons
panelpanel and panel utility functions for spplot point(s) fall in a given polygon?
Polygon-classClass "Polygon"
polygonssets spatial coordinates to create spatial data, or retrieves...
Polygons-classClass "Polygons"
polygons-methodsRetrieve polygons from SpatialPolygonsDataFrame object
recenter-methodsMethods for Function recenter in Package 'sp'
RlogoRlogo jpeg image
select.spatialselect points spatially
Spatial-classClass "Spatial"
SpatialGriddefine spatial grid
SpatialGrid-classClass "SpatialGrid"
SpatialGridDataFramedefine spatial grid with attribute data
SpatialGridDataFrame-classClass "SpatialGridDataFrame"
SpatialLinescreate objects of class SpatialLines or SpatialLinesDataFrame
SpatialLines-classa class for spatial lines
SpatialLinesDataFrame-classa class for spatial lines with attributes
SpatialPixels-classClass "SpatialPixels"
SpatialPixelsDataFrame-classClass "SpatialPixelsDataFrame"
SpatialPointscreate objects of class SpatialPoints or...
SpatialPoints-classClass "SpatialPoints"
SpatialPointsDataFrame-classClass "SpatialPointsDataFrame"
SpatialPolygonscreate objects of class SpatialPolygons or...
SpatialPolygons-classClass "SpatialPolygons"
SpatialPolygonsDataFrame-classClass "SpatialPolygonsDataFrame"
spChFIDs-methodschange feature IDs in spatial objects
sp-deprecatedDeprecated functions in sp
spDistsN1Euclidean or Great Circle distance between points
spplotPlot methods for spatial data with attributes
spsamplesample point locations in (or on) a spatial object
spTransformspTransform for map projection and datum transformation
stackrearrange data in SpatialPointsDataFrame or...
surfaceAreaCompute surface area of a digital elevation model.
zerodistfind point pairs with equal spatial coordinates
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