Man pages for dmgatti/qtl2med
Mediation Analysis for qtl2

addcovarAdditive covariates to use in the mapping model.
exprGene expression data for genes on Chr 13.
genoprobsFounder allele probabilities for each mouse on Chr 13.
get_allele_probsGet the haplotype probs nearest to the given chr and...
get_ensembl_genesGet the ensembl genes on a given set of chromosomes.
get_snp_probsGet the SNP probs nearest to the given chr and position.
mapPhysical locations for the markers.
mediateRegress one phenotype on the given genes at a single marker.
phenoPhenotype values for one phenotype.
plot_medPlot mediation results.
qtl2med-packageMediation Analysis for qtl2
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