Man pages for dmirman/gazer
Tools for Processing Eye Tracking Data

assignAOIAssign coordinates to areas of interest
baseline_correction_pupilPerforms linear (substraction) baseline correction relative...
behave_pupilculls important behavioral data from the sample report
binify_fixationsConvert fixation list into time bins
calc_madcalculates the median absoulte deviation (MAD) and sets the...
code_polyBuild polynomial predictor variables
CohortRhymeCohort and rhyme competition during spoken word recognition
compare_groupsCompare groups on a set of variables.
Crawford_HowellCrawford-Howell (1998) t-test for case-control comparisons.
cursive_newJudgments to cursive vs. type-print words in LDT
extendblinksExtends blinks if not already done in SR Data Viewer
FunctThemeFixation of semantically related objects during spoken word...
FunctThemePtsFixation of semantically related objects during spoken word...
gazerTools for Processing Eye Tracking Data
get_gaze_diagnosticsCalculate gaze track diagnostics
get_pvaluesGet p-values for a multilevel regression model
get_ranefGet random effects for individual effect size quantification
interpolate_pupilTurns pupil sizes with blinks NA and linearly interpolates...
legend_positioningSet legend position
low_pass_filterLow-Pass Filter
merge_pupil_filesMerge pupil files from a folder
missing_pupil_countCalculate percent missing data by subject and by trial
movingaverageMoving average function
NamingRecoveryPicture naming during aphasia treatment
readFixationReportRead EyeDataViewer fixation report
speed_pupilCalculates max absoulte dilation speed as suggested in Kret &...
TargetFixTarget fixation data from a typical "visual world paradigm"...
WordLearnExEffect of transitional probability on novel word learning
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