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Analyzing Diagnostic Observer Performance Studies

ChisqrGoodnessOfFitCompute the chisquare goodness of fit statistic for ROC...
Compare3ProperRocFitsCompare three proper-ROC curve fitting models
dataset01TONY FROC dataset
dataset02Van Dyke ROC dataset
dataset03Franken ROC dataset
dataset04Federica Zanca FROC dataset
dataset05John Thompson FROC dataset
dataset06Magnus FROC dataset
dataset07Lucy Warren FROC dataset
dataset08Monica Penedo ROC dataset
dataset09Nico Karssemeijer ROC dataset (CAD vs. radiologists)
dataset10Marc Ruschin ROC dataset
dataset11Dobbins 1 FROC dataset
dataset12Dobbins 2 ROC dataset
dataset13Dobbins 3 FROC dataset
dataset14Federica Zanca real (as opposed to inferred) ROC dataset
datasetBinned123Binned dataset suitable for checking 'FitCorCbm'; seed = 123
datasetBinned124Binned dataset suitable for checking 'FitCorCbm'; seed = 124
datasetBinned125Binned dataset suitable for checking 'FitCorCbm'; seed = 125
datasetCadLrocNico Karssemeijer LROC dataset (CAD vs. radiologists)
datasetCadSimuFrocSimulated FROC CAD vs. RAD dataset
datasetCrossedModalityJohn Thompson crossed treatment FROC dataset
datasetDegenerateSimulated degenerate ROC dataset (for testing purposes)
datasetROISimulated ROI dataset
Df2RJafrocDatasetConvert ratings arrays to an RJafroc dataset
DfBinDatasetReturns a binned dataset
DfCreateCorCbmDatasetCreate paired dataset for testing 'FitCorCbm'
DfExtractCorCbmDatasetExtract two arms of a pairing from an MRMC ROC dataset
DfExtractDatasetExtract a subset of treatments and readers from a dataset
DfFroc2AfrocConvert an FROC dataset to an AFROC dataset
DfFroc2LrocSimulates an "AUC-equivalent" LROC dataset from an FROC...
DfFroc2RocConvert an FROC dataset to an ROC dataset
DfLroc2FrocSimulates an "AUC-equivalent" FROC dataset from an LROC...
DfLroc2RocConvert an LROC dataset to a ROC dataset
DfReadCrossedModalitiesRead a crossed-treatment data file
DfReadDataFileRead a data file
DfReadLrocDataFileRead a LROC data file
DfSaveDataFileSave ROC data file in a different format
FitBinormalRocFit the binormal model to selected treatment and reader in an...
FitCbmRocFit the contaminated binormal model (CBM) to selected...
FitCorCbmFit CORCBM to a paired ROC dataset
FitRsmRocFit the radiological search model (RSM) to an ROC dataset
PlotBinormalFitPlot binormal fit
PlotCbmFitPlot CBM fitted curve
PlotEmpiricalOperatingCharacteristicsPlot empirical operating characteristics, ROC, FROC or LROC
PlotRsmOperatingCharacteristicsRSM predicted operating characteristics, ROC pdfs and...
RJafroc-packageRJafroc: Analyzing Diagnostic Observer Performance Studies
SimulateCorCbmDatasetSimulate paired binned data for testing FitCorCbm
SimulateFrocDatasetSimulates an MRMC uncorrelated FROC dataset using the RSM
SimulateLrocDatasetSimulates an uncorrelated FLROC FrocDataset using the RSM
SimulateRocDatasetSimulates a binormal model ROC dataset
SsFrocNhRsmModelRSM fitted model for FROC sample size
SsPowerGivenJKStatistical power for specified numbers of readers and cases
SsPowerGivenJKDbmVarCompPower given J, K and Dorfman-Berbaum-Metz variance components
SsPowerGivenJKOrVarCompPower given J, K and Obuchowski-Rockette variance components
SsPowerTableGenerate a power table
SsSampleSizeKGivenJNumber of cases, for specified number of readers, to achieve...
StSignificanceTestingPerform DBM or OR significance testing
StSignificanceTestingCadVsRadiologistsSignificance testing: standalone CAD vs. radiologists
StSignificanceTestingCrossedModalitiesPerform significance testing using crossed treatments...
StSignificanceTestingSingleFixedFactorPerform significance testing for single fixed factor analysis
StSingleTreatmentRandomReaderSignificance testing for single random factor
UtilAucBinormalBinormal model AUC function
UtilAucCBMCBM AUC function
UtilAucsRSMRSM ROC/AFROC AUC calculator
UtilFigureOfMeritCalculate empirical figures of merit (FOMs) for specified...
UtilIntrinsic2PhysicalRSMConvert from intrinsic to physical RSM parameters
UtilLesionDistributionLesion distribution matrix
UtilLesionWeightsDistrLesion weights distribution
UtilMeanSquaresCalculate mean squares
UtilOutputReportGenerate a text formatted report file or an Excel file
UtilPhysical2IntrinsicRSMConvert from physical to intrinsic RSM parameters
UtilPseudoValuesCalculate pseudovalues
UtilVarComponentsDBMUtility for Dorfman-Berbaum-Metz variance components
UtilVarComponentsORUtility for Obuchowski-Rockette variance components
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